At a lunch meeting Thursday of the McAllen Citizens League, Hidalgo County Judge Ramon Garcia called me out personally for an editorial in Thursday’s Monitor that referenced the building of a new Hidalgo County courthouse as “unpopular.”

When he was a teen growing up in a poor section of Los Angeles, Caylin Moore’s mother often didn’t have enough money to feed him and his younger brother and sister dinner. “So he would take his hunger pains to the garage and do pushups until he passed out,” his mentor and former NFL New York…

MCALLEN — At Wednesday night’s Ride of Silence, originating from The Monitor’s parking lot, I met a young woman wearing a red felt arm band — marking her as one who has been struck while bicycling on an area road.

Last Sunday morning, about 40 people assembled in the City of Hidalgo at the Hidalgo Pumphouse & Museum for a community hike. Their goal: To get a firsthand look at our present border/levee fence and to get educated on what adding to it, or building a border wall — which President Donald…

Her big brown eyes looked up at me filled with trust, and her soft hand felt so tiny inside mine as sweet, 6-year-old Annie let me help her look for pants to buy earlier this week. She was one of 200 low-income children from McAllen ISD who each received a $100 Target holiday shopping spree …

On a medical mission trip to northern Colombia in 2015, Annette Diaz Franz, of McAllen, stumbled upon an out of the way rancheria where every able woman and girl was weaving unique handbags and other items that they sold to sustain their village amidst an ongoing drought.

In the third and final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on Wednesday, Trump reiterated his call for a wall on the Southwest border, which would include the Rio Grande Valley.

Like thousands of parents in Texas this week, I watched my daughter fidget and fret over taking the STAAR tests. She is in eighth grade and so will be taking a total of four standardized exams this academic year, which began with exams this week on math and reading.

Monitor reporters May Ortega and Mitchell Ferman wrote a compelling and disturbing piece that ran Sunday detailing how many college women who spring break on South Padre Island are objectified, groped and even sexually assaulted.

At McAllen’s Public Library on Sunday night, a red carpet was rolled out and a contingency of “paparazzi” were hastily snapping photos as a cadre of very special youth walked, and some rolled, by to view the premiere screening of a short video in which they starred.

My daughter, and I’m guessing many other eighth-graders throughout Texas and the Rio Grande Valley, has been completely stressing this week as she selects high school courses for the fall.

A unique conference is being held at the McAllen Convention Center this week as hundreds of school food service workers from throughout South Texas are here to learn how to make school meals more appealing.

WESLACO — At Weslaco City Hall on Wednesday afternoon, three prominent and powerful elected state officials stood before a group of seniors and humbly asked for their advice and guidance in the Legislature and to inform them on how they can work to make Texas a better state and the Rio Grand…

I was at an event hosted by Texas A&M University last week in Weslaco when a Hidalgo County leader, whom I had just seen previously at a University of Texas-related event, leaned back and told me that living in the Valley right now “is like having two boyfriends who both want to date us.”

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Kids are ridiculously resilient. They are full of unbridled energy, ambition, hope and trust. And those are the ingredients to conquer whatever may seem impossible in life. But somehow, as adults, those characteristics and passions tend to get whittled away over the years. We end up doubting…

Although it’s been four days since I met her, I can’t stop wondering whether Itza Marina Soto of Honduras and her 13-year-old son made it safely to Boston.

Last week, U.S. Customs and Border Protection held its first local Media Academy Day to better educate local journalists on what this federal agency does.

This week marked my one year anniversary as a vegetarian. Actually, I’m a lacto-ovo-pescetarian because I eat fish, eggs and cheese. But I don’t eat meat.

I’m sure I’m not the only Valley driver who has experienced this: You are waiting in a line of cars at a red light that turns green, yet the driver in front doesn’t move. Instead, their head is down as they furiously type or read their cellphone. You honk. They finally move, yet no one else …