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"The Goblin Emperor," by Katherine Addison. [Lark Library] “A rare fantasy story that focuses more on politics than action sequences – this book was nominated for a number of awards and deserved every one.”

"The Crimson Petal and the White," by Michel Faber. [Main Library] “A lush, riveting book where the narrative focuses on two contrasting, fascinating women, Sugar, a sharp, strong-willed sex worker and Agnes, a religious, mentally ill woman that is the deconstruction of the Victorian ideal woman.”

"Pachinko," by Min Jin Lee. [Main Library] “A wonderful historical fiction novel chronicles four generations of a Korean family in exile in Japan.”

"A Man Called Ove," by Fredrik Backman. [Main Library] “This novel is at times sad, funny and eye-opening as it demonstrates the power of love and community.”

Spanish Fiction

"Siempre Amigos," by Danielle Steel. [Palm View Branch] “Una historia sobre la fortuna de enfrentar los desafios de la vida con verdaderos amigos a nuestro lado.”

Young Adult Fiction

"The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy," by Douglas Adams. [Main Library] “An absolute classic of humorous science fiction.”

Young Adult Graphic Novel

"American Born Chinese," by Gene Luen Yang. [Palm View Branch] “Gene L. Yang’s epic graphic novel was the winner of the 2007 Michael L. Printz Award & 2007 Eisner Award for Best Graphic Album, along with many other honors. The story is a young American born Chinese boy as he struggles with racism from without and within, which transcends all cultures. An excellent story and lesson in life for teens and adults alike.”

Young Adult Nonfiction

"Sachiko: A Nagasaki Bomb Survivor’s Story," by Caren Barzelay Stelson. [Palm View Branch] “A Nagasaki atomic bomb survivor, Sachiko Yasui, tells the story of her life after this devastating experience and her journey to finding and spreading peace. This novel is a revealing historical perspective from the eyes of an innocent child and the wisdom of an elderly woman.”


"Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood," by Trevor Noah. [Electronic Branch] “Both funny and harrowing, this autobiography gives a picture of growing up under apartheid.”

"We Are All Made of Molecules," by Susin Nielsen. [Electronic Branch] “This book is very funny and relatable if you have gained step siblings.”


"I Want To Be Happy," by Harriet Griffey. [Palm View Branch] “This book gives you the tools and advice on how have better relationships , how to deal with stress, and live a happier life.”

"A Field Guide to Lies," by Daniel J. Levitin. [Main Library] “If you want to avoid embarrassing yourself on what you post on Facebook, this book will help; its writing is clean-cut and amiable, accessible for anyone to read!”

"Teach Your Baby to Sign," by Monica Beyer. [Palm View Branch] “I think that teaching babies to sign helps children cognitively match the word with the sign making it easier for children to communicate.”

"Koreatown: A Cookbook," by Deuki Hong. [Palm View Branch] “Explore new exotic flavors in cooking with this modern Korean cookbook.”

"100 Weekend Projects Anyone Can Do," by Family Handyman. [Lark Branch] “I thought the book was well written and it used photos well.”

"Working For You Isn’t Working For Me," by Katherine Crowley. [Main Library] “A good book for living in the modern workplace.”

"Ultimate Guide to Plumbing," by Merle Henkeinus. [Lark Branch] “I thought the book broke the repairs down nicely into steps and I thought the photos were helpful. There is also a glossary at the back of the book.”

Children’s Fiction

"The Charming Life of Izzy Malone," by Jenny Lundquist. [Main Library] “A cute book about an unconventional charm school student, Isabella Malone. A great read for kids ages 9-11 (and adults too!)”

Children’s Graphic Novel

"Newsprints," by Ru Xu. [Main Library] “Great illustrations, a smart story, and fun characters. The first book in what looks to be a great new series of graphic novels for kids!”

Children’s Nonfiction

"Math Lab for Kids," by Rebecca Rapoport. [Palm View Branch] “If you want your children to like math and make it fun this will enable children to learn with math in a new way.”


"XXIVK Magic," by Bruno Mars. [Palm View Branch] “It’s a fun CD that is different from what other artist have out at the moment.”

"El cumple de la abuela," [Palm View Branch] “Una reunion para celebrar un cumpleaños y una sorpresa!”


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