The basics of mulching

When the right mulch is chosen, it can reduce the amount of time homeowners spend watering and weeding their gardens and insulate plants from dramatic changes in weather.

Garden View: Gifts from the farmer, rancher and baker

Is there a gardener, birder or butterfly lover on your holiday list? Head to the farmer's market for their gift.

Historic native trees still worth planting

Any of these trees will benefit your yard and attract birds and butterflies — for your enjoyment as well as for the health of a native habitat.

Garden View: Poinsettia selection and care

Garden View: You may have already picked up a view of these beauties for the holiday season.

Vines add vertical interest while attracting birds and butterflies

BY ANITA WESTERVELTSeveral years ago, I dedicated a partially dead mesquite tree as a natural trellis for a native climbing milk-weed (Funastrum cynanchoides).The vine...

Protecting your landscape from freezing temps

BY ASHLEY GREGORYBefore we dive into protecting your landscape from the dropping temperatures and chilling wind, allow me to introduce myself.I grew up in...

Preventing diabetes — the role of fruits and veggies

BY BARBARA STORZNovember is National Diabetes Awareness Month and Nov. 14 is World Diabetes Day. Around the globe people struggle to prevent or control...

Garden View: Rapping at the Growing Growers Farmer’s Market

BY BARBARA STORZThe Growing Growers Farmer’s Market today is hosting two book authors who are going to perform their children’s books through rapping, rather...

Garden View: Keep food safety in mind for the holidays

BY BARBARA STORZWith the busy holiday season fast approaching, it is good to remember food safety. We need to be mindful of children, who...

Garden View: Showstopping silk floss trees are to be admired

BY BARBARA STORZSilk floss trees (Ceiba speciosa) are blooming in landscapes across the Rio Grande Valley. These spectacular gems are native to tropical South...