GARDEN VIEW: Herbal teas: refreshing and tasty

Herb gardens are in their glory right now in the Rio Grande Valley, especially those herbs that thrive in tropical and subtropical regions, like...

Edinburg teacher to retire after 42 years with school district

Susan Smith, the Edinburg school district’s retiring audio video production teacher, remembers one student in particular during her 42 years with the district. Smith, who taught journalism for seven years before switching to audio video production, said she had the student in her first period class, that is whenever he bothered to show up. The poor kid just couldn’t wake up in time. Not a morning person herself, Smith was sympathetic. One day she had a chat with the kid. Read more at The

PART 14: Let’s Write a Story!

PART 14: “FAR FROM THE MADDENING LOCKDOWN” | BY Melitón Moya Two humans and two sprites stood looking at each other in the yoga studio at the back of Gizmo’s, the small family-owned café Mary enjoyed visiting. Aronia was quick to ask, “Who’s this handsome man, Mary?” “Forest Wang. He’s Mrs. Vargas’s son-in-law." Read the full story at

SURFACE TREATMENT: Art of human rights

A quietly disturbing exhibit awaits visitors at the STC Art Gallery. “The 5th Annual Human Rights Art Exhibition” was planned in conjunction with the Sex...

PART 13: Let’s Write a Story!

PART 13: “SLOW DOWN AND BREATHE” | BY JEANA MARTIN Mary’s heart began to race as they got farther from the theater and she found it difficult to catch her breath. She recognized the sign and knew she had to calm herself. Passing Forest, she walked to the end of the block, rounded the corner and saw where she once spent a lot of time in a small café nearby. “Mary, slow down!” Forest implored. Even though he was taller, he struggled to keep up. “Where are we going? We have to go back to your time!” Read the full story at

PART 12: Let’s Write a Story!

PART 12: “THE PLAN” | BY J.T. LOZANO The flashing lights subsided as quickly as they began, and Forest pushed the door open. He stepped through and looked back at Mary who was uncertain of what to expect on the other side. Cautiously her head poked out, followed slowly by the rest of her body. Mary’s eyes scanned the room as she exited what she believed was her closet. “This isn’t my house,” she muttered to herself. Read the full story at

First baby of 1998 an Aggie grad

The first baby born in Brownsville in 1998 is now a college graduate.  Valeria Ramos’ father proudly graduated from Texas A&M University College Station in Lubbock in 1985, then her older sister went on to be an Aggie also, graduating in 2016. So, it was not a surprise that Valeria sought Aggieland.  In fact, when Valeria was featured on The Brownsville Herald’s front page on Jan. 2, 1998, J. Noel Espinoza wrote: “Brownsville’s first baby of 1998 may grow up to be a Texas A&M Aggie.” Read the full story at

SURFACE TREATMENT: Artist outlines Judeo-Christian stories, African history, women’s rights in one exhibit

Creating canvases of powerful beauty, Houstonbased artist Lenard Brown weaves together stories, legends, and history with acrylics and charcoal. His “Earth Amma Series,” currently on view...

PART 11: Let’s Write a Story!

PART 11: “FACE PASKS?! WHERE WE’RE GOING, WE DON’T NEED FACE MASKS!” | BY OSKAR LAM Recognizing the sound was from the guest room above, Mary stormed to it. Her motherused to stay there when she visited and Mary hadn’t been in there in a while. Even looking at the door caused her phantom pains, and she tried to avoid it. Carefully approaching the door, she tightened her hold on the metal bat she picked up by the stairs. As Mary reached for the doorknob she was struck by a brief flashback. She saw her smiling mother siting on the edge of the bed, the golden-hour sun shining behind her, gilding two porcelain angels sitting on the dresser. When she opened the door she was jolted by the irony to find the same angels shattered on the floor. A chill ran down her back as she heard the water running from the guest restroom. Read the full story at

PART 10: Let’s Write a Story!

PART 10: “LONG ARM OF GOLDEN SASSAFRAS” | BY BRENDA LEE HUERTA Mary’s smile was as wide as Texas as she approached them. Her heart was super light after her “meeting” with Henry and Aronia. “Thank you for waiting. I’m so sorry. It’s just that I feel uncomfortable with company and not wearing a mask or gloves. My house was a mess. This COVID19 has turned my worldupside down. I’m so sorry, here I am babbling away!” Read the full story at