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EDITORIAL: Much discussion, little action over Valley MPO merger idea

As the Rio Grande Valley grows, many people are calling for local officials to think regionally and combine their efforts for the greater good....

EDITORIAL: Officials should ask military to remove hazardous barrier

Editorial: We trust that officials will raise the pressure on our military to completely remove the barriers, as they are doing more harm than good.

EDITORIAL: Viral costs: Congress could help Trump address high prices of drugs

The new year will give Trump a Democratic House and Republican Senate. If the three parties are willing to work together to seriously address it, perhaps they can make progress toward reducing one of the largest factors in the high cost of medical care in the United States.

EDITORIAL: We hope next Legislature avoids old divisive issues

Editorial: We hope the majority of our lawmakers agree with our governor that such discriminatory and divisive matters should be left to lie where they fell two years ago.

EDITORIAL: Suicides, overdoses reflect need for more mental health resources

Editorial: We should encourage a growth in careers in mental health research, treatment and counseling. Universities would do well to expand and promote their courses and degree plans in such careers, so that high school students and young adults recognize such offerings as valid career options.

EDITORIAL: Purges of voter rolls require improved registration methods

Editorial: The loss of voting privileges seems an extreme penalty for non-participation. Our legislature can address the issue in the upcoming session. One pre-filed bill would enable qualified residents to register online, which would facilitate another step that has proven successful in several states: same-day registration.

EDITORIAL: Charter schools have proven they deserve to be expanded

The Valley has benefited from the existence of some of the state’s top charter schools, and some say the competition has been a factor in the overall improvement of many traditional public schools in the area as well.

EDITORIAL: AMLO plan for migrants might benefit all parties

Providing opportunities for Central American migrants that also benefit Mexico’s economy should reduce the flow of migrants from both regions to this country, reducing some of the problems that currently cloud the debate over our own immigration policy. U.S. officials should be willing to work with Lopez Obrador on this plan that could bring benefits to all concerned.

EDITORIAL: Holy war: Government should reconsider planned seizure of church land

Editorial: No one expects anything so severe to occur in the United States, but the current administration already has tried to restrict entry into this country by people from Muslim countries. The land seizure could be seen as a punitive act against another religion, in this case the Catholic Church, and given the sensitive nature, it’s an issue the administration might want to avoid.

EDITORIAL: Yturria’s use of land created historic and ecological assets

Much of the land that is now called the Rio Grande Valley once carried the Yturria name. Much of the land between Starr County...