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CAF celebrates Fourth of July with flyover

The Rio Grande Valley Wing of the Commemorative Air Force joined all CAF units throughout the United States in a special flyover to celebrate the Fourth of July at noon on Saturday. Five CAF units from World War II at the Cameron County Airport flew high in the blue sky as the few attendees waved with their hands and recorded the event with their smartphones. “It is amazing. My husband is a World War II veteran and they are honoring him here today,” said Naidene Redfield, who celebrated with her husband Jerry Redfield at the event. Read the full story at

George Floyd Mural is vandalized

The George Floyd Mural in downtown by local artist Marcus Castro has been vandalized after just a little over two weeks since it was painted. The mural, which features the face of George Floyd on different tones of blue and colorful butterflies, has been splashed with white paint. Read the full story at

Jefferson Davis Memorial removed from park

Before the sun came out on Wednesday, city workers removed the Jefferson Davis Memorial Boulder from Washington Park, less than 12 hours after a resolution was unanimously approved by the City Commission for the monument’s removal. Minutes after 5 a.m. city workers were caught on camera removing the monument and placing it in the back of a trailer to store it at an undisclosed location while the Brownsville city manager and the city attorney determine ownership. Read the full story at

Hundreds attend peaceful Lower Valley protest

Wearing face masks, carrying bottled water and holding signs with phrases such as “I can’t breathe,” “No justice no peace” and “reform the justice system,” hundreds of community members attended the Justice for George Floyd & Black Lives Matter Protest Wednesday at Linear Park in Brownsville. The pacific protesters, who were mostly teenagers and young adults, gathered at the park and marched all the way to the Cameron County Courthouse chanting and seeking justice for George Floyd, who was killed while in custody of four Minneapolis police officers on May 25. Read the full story at

A Matter Of Safety: Pandemic sidelines Memorial Day event

For more than 30 years during Memorial Day, veterans and family members would gather outside Hanna High School for a special ceremony by the American...

Great-grandmother graduates from UTRGV with a psychology degree

Many people dream of retiring in their 70s, maybe even travel the world for a while and spend a lot of time with their...

Massive fire destroys SPI condominium building

The Gulf Point condominium building here was destroyed by an immense fire Saturday morning as dozens of firefighters from all over the Rio Grande Valley worked to knock the fire out, braving intense winds that made the blaze even harder to contain. Officials said no injuries or missing persons were reported, but a few firefighters suffered from heat exhaustion and dehydration. According to several witnesses, early in the morning lightning struck the roof of the building, sparking the fire. The blaze was detected approximately 6:45 a.m. by a resident who sounded the fire alarm, which made the residents of the condominiums leave the building rapidly carrying children covered in blankets and small briefcases with their most important belongings, witnesses said. Read the full story at

BREAKING: Massive fire reported on South Padre Island

Firefighters are working to contain a massive fire at the Gulf Point Condominiums building on South Padre Island near the Sapphire building, a Facebook...

Zoo invites community to celebrate baby gorilla’s first birthday

The Gladys Porter Zoo invites the community to be part of the birthday celebration for gorillas Margaret and Mbundi’s first baby, Burchfield, which will be live-streamed at 2 p.m. Thursday on the Zoo’s Facebook page. Burchfield turned 1 year old on Tuesday and celebrated with ice treats but the zoo saw the need to make a bigger celebration, which even includes a piñata, to have the community involved in such an important moment for the gorilla family, even if it’s just online. The livestream will consist of the family of gorillas playing with the presents, receiving treats and interacting with each other. “We are doing the livestream so we can share with the whole community because it was so much fun [Tuesday]. It’s been great just watching the two babies, who are only a month apart, and watching them grow up together, get more adventurous and it’s just been so much fun and they have been so well-received by the community,” Mark Echevarria, associate curator of gorillas and carnivores, said. Read the full story at

Weather Service: Prepare for hurricane season

The National Weather Service invites the community to be ready for hurricane season as part of the “Hurricane Preparedness Week,” which ends on Saturday. The National Weather Service advises the community to make a list of items to replenish such as hurricane emergency supplies and start thinking how they will prepare their home for the hurricane season. Read the full story at