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Brownsville students getting in spirit of Charro Days

Hundreds of students braved the cold weather Friday morning to kick off the Charro Days celebration at Putegnat Elementary School with a dance that entertained family members, who watched them perform to songs such as El Mariachi Loco wearing colorful dresses and Charro suits from Mexico. Read the full story at

Ex-Brownsville city worker files suit

Hilario De Leon, a former City of Brownsville employee, is suing the city for allegedly being fired after he reported alleged assaultive and sexual harassment experienced by three females who were 16, 17 and 18 years old by a male recreational attendant employed by the city. Read the full story at

Lower Valley church nears 170th anniversary

Getting ready for the 170th anniversary of the First Presbyterian Church that will be celebrated on Feb. 23, members recently shared their fondest memories of all the years they’ve been part of the church, including marriages, baptisms, Sunday school, and many more. June Dittman, longest member of the church, will turn 90 years old this summer and said she remembers trips to Mexico to help other Presbyterian churches there, getting married and growing up being involved in the church with her parents. Read the full story at

Brownsville zoo tags barn owls to measure rehabilitation efforts 

Gladys Porter Zoo tagged five barn owls as it prepared to release them after months of care at the zoo, where they learned to hunt their prey to survive in the wild. Some of the owls arrived at the zoo in their “fluffy” state, with their eyes still closed. The owls were brought in by members of the community who found them in the nest. “They are defenseless when they are born and they are completely dependent on mom, so when they bring them in, they bring them to me in these stages that we call them ‘fluffies’ because basically it is a cotton ball with legs and they know nothing about how to fend for themselves, how to feed themselves,” Alejandra Olvera, vet technician at the zoo, said. Read the full story at

Disappointment after some schools excluded from Children’s Charro Days Parade

The Brownsville Independent School District announced this year charter schools will no longer be included in the BISD Children’s Charro Days Parade, which is set for Feb. 27. Parents of children who attend charter schools expressed their discontent via social media and shared the letter they received from Jubilee Academies notifying them of the change. Read the full story at

Hundreds give final goodbye to Villalon

At least 300 people attended the funeral service for U.S. Army Spc. Miguel Angel Villalon at 10 a.m. Saturday in the Brownsville Events Center where a religious ceremony was held to give the soldier a final blessing. Community members and elected officials such as U.S. Rep. Filemon Vela, Brownsville Mayor Trey Mendez and City Commissioner Jessica Tetreau, among many more, attended the funeral to give their final goodbye and express their support to the family. “It was very devastating to know that we lost one of our own and as a city official it was my job to make sure that we honor him in the highest and most honorable way that we could,” Tetreau said. Read the full story at

Residents show support to Villalon’s family during visitation

Hundreds of people attended the visitation for U.S. Army Spc. Miguel Angel Villalon Friday at the Brownsville Event Center to give their condolences to his family. With matching black T-shirts with a portrait of Villalon on them, his family sat at the very front of the room while loved ones, neighbors, former teachers, veterans and strangers waited in line to hug them, shake their hands and offer support. Read the full story at

SpaceX exhibit opens at Museum of Fine Art

The Brownsville Community Foundation in partnership with the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art invites the community to the Boca Chica to Mars exhibit, a photographic chronicle featuring the official photography of SpaceX and various local photographers. The exhibit opens today for the community during regular museum hours and it chronicles the journey from simplicity and solitude to eye witnesses of history self-charged with documentation. “ Here we are, just living our normal lives and the most-watched, most-trending, possibly the most lucrative space industry corporation picks us to launch and test and build their future rockets and we didn’t even know it was coming,” Diane Milliken Garza, executive director for the Brownsville Community Foundation and chairman of Brownsville Arts and Culture who is also curator of the event, said. Read the full story at

Womens’ murals open for community

The public is now able to enjoy colorful murals at the 14th Street Plaza in the downtown area as part of the efforts to transform the area. The project was funded through a $20,000 AARP Community Challenge 2019 grant the city received last summer. Read the full story at

Castro leaves BISD board

Brownsville Independent School District Board Trustee Erasmo Castro resigned from his elected position on Friday, posting about his decision on Facebook and submitting his resignation letter to the district’s administration. On his social media post, Castro said he will be focusing the next couple of weeks in finalizing a DWI charge, a class B misdemeanor, that is pending against him. Read the full story at