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COMMENTARY: What would Martin Luther King Jr. say today?

Every year, Americans go through the January ritual of honoring Martin Luther King Jr., our secular civil rights saint and martyr. Marches and parades...

COMMENTARY: Brexit limbo: Complex economic linkages don’t vanish overnight

The recent Parliamentary vote on a proposed Brexit deal resulted in a decisive “no” to Prime Minister Theresa May’s path for the United Kingdom...

COMMENTARY: Animal overpopulation — A crisis on the southern border

There is a crisis along the southern border of Texas, one that has been growing for decades with no easy resolutions in sight. It’s...

Advice: Tips for a fulfilling 2019

Sometimes we worry about things that really don’t matter and lose sight of what is important. Life is about reaching your goals, but it...

COMMENTARY: Benefits of the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas

Perryman: Basic medical research is part of society’s essential infrastructure and is worthy of public investment. CPRIT has demonstrated the capacity to enhance the health of Texans and the economy at a pace that far exceeds the direct commitment of taxpayer resources.

Advice: A home is a place filled with memories

Advice: There is nothing like Christmas to remind us of the importance of love and family, and coming home to the familiar things that remind of us of who we are.

COMMENTARY: Here’s the long-term economic forecast for Texas metropolitan areas

Perryman: Texas’ large metropolitan areas will continue to drive overall growth in the future as the state economy and population becomes more concentrated in these population centers.

COMMENTARY: UTRGV is transforming the region

Sen. Hinojosa: Education and health care are two of the most important factors in a region’s economic growth. The impact that UTRGV and the SOM have had in such a short period of time on improving both factors is astonishing.

COMMENTARY: Is the US, China trade truce actual relief?

Perryman: Tariffs are already harming affected industries in the U.S. and China, consumers have been negatively affected, and economic performance has suffered. ...Let’s hope the truce holds and progress is forthcoming.

COMMENTARY: My one and only meeting with George H.W. Bush

"America needs men like this, but we also need to learn how to appreciate men like this." -Louise Butler, member of The Monitor Board of Contributors