About Us

TheMonitor.com is the Rio Grande Valley’s hub on the internet, bringing the people and businesses of South Texas’s most vibrant communities together in a virtual space to meet, conduct business, shop and build the relationships that make the Rio Grande Valley the nation’s No. 1 place to live and work.

TheMonitor.com was created in cooperation with The Monitor newspaper and is part of the AIM Media Texas family of newspapers.

Built with the philosophy that the goal of online technology is to make people’s internet experience as easy as reading a newspaper but as personal as a thumbprint, themonitor.com incorporates a variety of services accessible through one web site. Users get information that’s meaningful to them in the Rio Grande Valley — not to an anonymous group of techies in Virginia, Georgia or Silicon Valley.

TheMonitor.com also helps users keep in touch with what’s top-of-mind with their peer groups. TheMonitor.com will introduce a suite of specialized sites for groups such as young professionals, stay-at-home moms, young families and active seniors. Each site will be tailored to meet the broader needs of the group but remain entirely personalizable.

Continuously improving, themonitor.com also will offer permission-based email services, company-specific web sites and a variety of other services designed to satisfy the high-tech and high-touch needs of the Rio Grande Valley.

If you have concerns or questions about the specifics of our policy, please email us at webmaster@themonitor.com.

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