Letters to the Editor: Wednesday, November 11, 2020

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Foreign aid is essential

In the wake of COVID-19, Americans are concerned about this major disruption in our economy. Increasing jobs in our nation is the solution to overturning our current economic recession. Millions of Americans have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, increasing the financial burdens of hardworking civilians. However, we must invest into alleviating the effects of the pandemic globally. Contrary to popular belief, foreign aid is actually very good for business.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce insisted Congress “to support full funding for the U.S. International Affairs Budget” because it is beneficial for the businesses overall. This will provide the resources necessary in order to developing countries to have the skills and learn the strategies to gain long-term employment and sustain a reasonable amount of income. If the budget were to decrease, it would reflect on our economy and wound it worse than it already is. Therefore, foreign aid is essential for U.S. economy and employment and it is the right thing to do.


Kayla Garcia


Caged children

After doing some quick research I have come up with a response to anyone who has told me that the Obama administration also separated children from their families at the border. The fact is that neither the Obama administration nor any other before his separated children from their families at the border at the scale that the Trump administration has.

The figures say it all. Child separations at the border were below 1% of all detentions in 2016 and they have jumped to close to 4%.

And there has never been a sweeping policy to prosecute everyone, man woman and child, crossing the border illegally until the Trump administration began its reign of terror.

It’s true that the Obama administration built the cages used to keep children, but it’s also true that the Trump administration has set the record for separated children being kept in those cages.

Whether you believe them or not, whether you agree with them or not, facts matter. And if you can bear the fact that thousands of children are being separated from their families, are sent across the river unaccompanied by an adult and are being kept in cages, simply because you believe a misguided point that a prior president did it also, not only is it sad for this country but for the entire world that we as a human race are allowing such atrocities to occur, given how advanced and evolved we’ve become.

Some things never change, I guess.

Phil Garcia


Defining pro-life

In response to Mr. Hank Shiver’s question about what is pro-life (Oct. 28), I’d like to offer him a very simple definition. It certainly isn’t “making life as wonderful as possible.” Pro-life simply means that we don’t believe in killing unborn children. We fervently believe that unborn are human life with a constitutional right to continue their development inside their mother until they are born.

The pro-abortion side desperately tries to confuse the public and soothe their consciences by referring to ending the life of an innocent baby as “reproductive rights,” a woman’s right to choose or terminating a pregnancy. They refer to the unborn baby as a fetus or product of conception. It’s too difficult for them to call it a baby.

His concerns about babies being born with incurable diseases offers a solution that kills the baby. That’s not very compassionate if you ask me. We can let God decide when to take the baby home.

His references to Republican officials’ statements about letting the elderly die to save the economy, putting children in cages (that Obama built) and taking insurance from Americans are just not serious arguments.

We have ended the lives of 61 million children in the county. How can we possibly call ourselves “one nation under God”? How can we possibly ask God to bless America when we sacrifice our children at the altar of finances or careers?

Killing unborn children is outright evil and it has to stop. Neither women nor doctors should have the right to kill the innocent unborn. for the sake of our country, may it happen soon.

Juan Vega


Group’s data not promoted

The Monitor’s Oct. 29 front-page headline story expands on the concern for the approximate $2.9 billion cost estimates of the border wall. The article further states that this represents one-quarter of all the money awarded to the project in each of the last three years.

This border wall cost is being implemented for the border safety and sovereignty-protection of the United States of America.

Contrastingly, the Federation for American Immigration Reform stated:

“A FAIR study in 2017 found illegal immigrants are a net consumer of taxpayer benefits worth more than $100 billion a year, not including the cost of enforcing the border.”

This is never headlined in the media for Americans to inform themselves, that in fact we are a very caring, humanitarian country whose citizens have denied themselves at great cost, for numerous decades, to help these immigrants whose native governments have failed and abandoned them. No mention is ever made by activists and leftists of these immigrants’ native countries’ dereliction of duty to them.

Being fair to both sides, truthful and transparent are part of being a true humanitarian also. The truth, good or bad, has to always be evident to all the people if we want to live in a democracy.

Imelda Coronado


Proud Boys defended

The group “the Proud Boys” keeps appearing in stories on TV and the newspapers. A recent story about Iran hacking people’s emails and making threats if you didn’t vote for President Trump. The group didn’t send those.

When I first heard them mentioned in the first presidential debate I was curious about the group, so I went to their web site. Their chairman is named Enrique Tarrio. He is a Cuban-American who is black. They allow members of any race, religion and sexual preference. Most members are Republicans, but apparently a few Democrats are members. They really tend to be more libertarian than anything else.

An example of their libertarianism is that they are against the war on drugs. Not a typical Republican tenet. They believe that “the West is best” (Western civilization). They are against racism and political correctness. They are for entrepreneurship, First and Second Amendment, minimal government and maximum freedom.

According to Proud Boys member Fred Swink, “If someone expresses racist views, they are expelled; the same is true with intolerance for sexuality or religious affiliation.”

They do support Trump. I feel that Trump is more a libertarian than Republican.

If you really have curiosity about this group go to their website. Some of the articles and T-shirts in the store are quite crude. There is a clip of an interview of Enrique Tarrio by CNN that I found interesting. There are some things I didn’t care for but I could find no racism.

Surry Gillum


Trump a threat to our security

The primary focus of government is the development of citizens through public education and health care; both should be provided at public expense. The very nature of human society involves an inherent relatedness, commonality and mutual dependence, with the elimination of the partitioning of human society into “interest groups” based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and religion, which are destructive to community/individual interests.

Donald Trump’s denegation of anyone who disagrees with him and his characterization of information about him in the press as “fake news” are symptomatic of an intentional effort to undermine the underpinning of our democracy: free speech and a free press. He is a threat to our constitutionally protected freedoms and national security.

Also, in supporting Donald Trump, the GOP has ignored the welfare of our country so as to maintain its power and privileged positions in government. They have effectively destroyed themselves as representatives in our constitutional democracy.

Francis Saitta


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