Letters to the Editor: Tuesday, October 13, 2020

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Not true patriots

Being the president of the United States should be classified as an essential job. That said, the job falls in line with nurses, policemen, store employees, garbage collectors and others who serve us during this awful pandemic. Many of these essential workers have contacted COVID-19 and survived; many, unfortunately, have not survived.

Our president and the first lady, as sad as it is to most, have been diagnosed as having the virus. In saying most are sad about the president contacting the virus, I want to be sure and exclude most in the mainstream media. It and fake news seem to be having a field day blaming the president himself for contracting the virus, and most are not to terribly kind with their remarks. It makes one wonder if they feel the same way about the other essential workers who have contracted the virus and are just too hypocritical to let it be known.

This could also be said of some elected officials. Their predictable comeback will be, “He didn’t follow protocol.” It seems I remember the speaker of the House, Ms. Nancy Pelosi, being caught on camera not following protocol at a beauty salon as well as several Democratic governors being caught on camera not following their own set protocols. Of course, these all get a pass since they are Democrats and we certainly can’t call attention to their misgivings.

During this current pandemic and with the president of the United States and his wife infected with this horrible virus, there are those expressing publicly they hope the president dies. These people are not true patriotic American citizens and their like should not be voted into any kind of elective office in the United States of America.

Know whom you are voting for, what they stand for, and vote!

Melvin L. Thompson

Debate critiqued

What a spectacle of nothing. The presidential debate was one of the most idiotic ramblings. For one, how can a sitting president act so disrespectfully with continuous interruptions? Was this the mark of a preschooler or of an adult holding the highest position in the country?

How will our allies look at our country after the debate?

I would also like to ask our fellow Valley Trump supporters how they feel about their president Trump. When asked if he would denounce white supremacists in this country like the Proud Boys, what was his answer before being backed into a corner? He goes off about the left and Antifa. So what was his answer after all that rambling? “Stand down but stand by.”

Stand by for what, is what the rest of America is asking. Is it for them to start an insurrection if he loses?

Remember, white supremacists hate minorities. So I ask pro-Trump letter writers with Mexican last names: What do you think about your president refusing to denounce white supremacists?

Jesus Rodriguez

Officer praised

A thumbs up to a McAllen motorcycle cop. Last week on north 29th Street beyond Oxford Road, speeders got a rude awakening. Of course that stopped.

We need a cop at that intersection. Those people who like to exhibit their cars, noise, racing that needs to be stopped. How? the cop on that cycle can do it, every week. Thanks.

John Garza

Conservatives draw criticism

Conservatives do not remember all the doom and gloom in the GOP when the incompetent citizens of the USA had the gall to elect a black man whom some said was born in Kenya as president. He does not remember when the Senate majority leader said his main job was to see that Obama failed in everything he tried to do. He does not remember when McConnell said that the blacks got all the reparations they were going to get, because a black man had been president. No bigotry there.

Conservatives in the colonies opposed the Revolution and it was the liberals who fought for a secular state. The conservatives went to Canada or back to England after the Revolution.

The liberal government of Mexico freed all slaves and the included the state of Texas. The conservatives of Texas demanded the right to keep slaves and seceded from Mexico, resulting in the Mexican-American War.

The conservatives fought to keep slaves, during the Civil War. It was the liberals who fought to free them. Liberals demanded integration and the conservatives killed to keep segregation. The conservatives still oppose equal rights for non-whites.

I am referred to as a libtard, a term used by American conservatives to describe someone who actually knows history, science, economics, world affairs, grammar and spelling. In other words, actual facts.

“ As Mankind becomes more liberal, they will be more apt to allow that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community are equally entitled to the protections of civil government. I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations of justice and liberality.” — George Washington.

Conservatives are the enemies of “original intent.”

Hank Shiver

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