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Consider bicyclists

I’ve shared the road — with my skin and bones — thanks to multiple crashes, several of which involved automobiles and one that put me in the hospital for 25 days.

Just because you “are going somewhere” doesn’t mean you’re entitled to any more of the lane than a cyclist. And you have no idea the fear created when a car passes at 45 mph and way too close for comfort. You are driving legally, but also dangerously. Pay attention! Pretend you’re in California where road signs say allow three feet of clearance when you pass a cyclist.

I’ve got two friends who were run over on Mother’s Day, and “sorry” doesn’t cut it for them or for anyone you closely buzz on “your way somewhere.”

You are not a sorry driver, just unaware. Please pass with more clearance, or wait to pass. You will get “somewhere” 20 seconds later and those on bicycles won’t get run over or experience a moment of terror.

Robert Ramirez


Trump bested previous bill

In reference to Jesus Rodriguez letter of Sept. 29 about President Trump saying he gave veterans choice in health care, the following should clear contradictions on stated facts.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie stated:

“As these numbers show, it’s the Mission Act that delivered real, permanent choice to veterans, even though some media reporters and so-called fact-checkers have obscured this by focusing on semantics.

“Let me be clear: When President Trump says he gave veterans ‘choice’ he’s not referring to the Obama-era program that fell far short of its promise. He’s referring instead to the Mission Act, which finally delivered veterans the real, permanent health care choice they have earned.”

Imelda Coronado


Convinced by Trump

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden were equally strong, confident and rude. Biden held up great and proved he is competent and sound of mind. Should he win, it’s clear he is capable, and if victory is his I will support and back him.

Trump’s points were extremely valid and patriotic. It’s clear Trump’s against big government, red tape, violence and socialist ideologies, while simultaneously being a strong supporter of law and order, free market and capitalism. I personally wish Obamacare would be eradicated; I do think there is huge room for fraud in mass-mail in ballots. I am against Antifa.

I believe big-brother government control can only hurt our economy. I do not support riots in any form. I believe a president is elected for four years, not 3½. I support filling the Supreme Court seat now. I do believe the American people need clarity on the money given to Hunter Biden.

I believe Biden’s approach toward inequality and racism is not what America needs. I am against the Green New Deal. I believe that 200,000 deaths (compared to the original estimate of 2 million deaths) during this pandemic is a true success. I believe 47 years is a really long time. Trump has my vote.

My vote is not won by personality but by politics. Clearly both are not what America had hoped for, but when faced with two evils you must choose the lesser of the two.

I have my opinion and I know you have yours, which I wholeheartedly respect, and I would never insult, mock or belittle you for it.

Hortencia Camargo


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