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Face of Valley

McAllen has been put on the map for various reasons: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber visited, Hurricane Hanna just struck, the ricin letter sender was here, children were put into cages and/or ripped from their families here, and Sister Norma Pimentel took a phone call about five years ago from some folks who needed help.

From that day forward, she managed to pull together a community that helped immigrants and asylum seekers find refuge, find comfort and find kindness. She has done so unassumingly, with great humility, giving credit to those who stepped up to help the poor, the tired, the sick and the hungry.

Sister now is the face of our Valley, showing the rest of the country what it looks like to be kind. There is no politics, there is no ulterior motive. She just helps, and as she goes about her work, she smiles. She brings into her circle the children, their parents, the new babies and all her helpers who come from near and far, and she shows us all how one person can make a difference in this small community we call the Valley.

Brava. Tell us, Sister, keep telling us, how we may help.

Martha Medina


No respect for the truth

What is a politicians word worth?

We are seeing a tremendous amount of unaccountability and evil in our elected officials now and this attitude coming from them seems to be on the rise. Are we on the verge of losing our democracy and gaining a cult-like government headed by a tsar-like leader?

Trump promised to end the federal deficits and pay down the federal debt if elected in 2016. Mitch McConnell said no Supreme Court judge could be appointed in an election year and the voters should determine this appointment. Ted Cruz said there would be people in the streets carrying pitchforks; now, with 200,000 Americans dead, he can’t seem to find his fork.

Does anyone remember those remarks from these three people? These statements carry a ton of weight and should be the barometer in how we deal with them. I taught my children that the truth is always better than a lie, and usually the truth comes out in the end. Look at what has happened in history: Nixon run out of office because of a lie. Clinton impeached because of a lie. Several of Trump’s people are in jail because of lies.

Wake up, America — our freedoms are on the verge of being restricted to the degree that we will look back in time and ask ourselves, what happened? Why didn’t we spend a little time to learn what is going on in our government, time to go vote, time to encourage our neighbor to do the same?

May God look after us, because we have given up!

Bill Williams


Low grade for Trump

Trump claims that he deserves an A+ grade on his handling of COVID-19. More than 7 million Americans have been infected. We have lost more than 200,000 Americans.

What is his reason for wanting an A+? Because the CDC said back in March that if the American public didn’t take steps for prevention, we could lose around 2 million Americans by the end of the year.

We have lost more Americans in 6 months than we have in both Iraq wars combined. This is the most idiotic, the stupidest statement or assessment by this president. And Trump keeps stating that Joe Biden needs to be mentally evaluated. How can someone claim he gives himself such a high mark when he kept the truth about this virus from the American people? Plus, keep stating that it was nothing but a hoax?

Also, his administration has failed and still has no plan of action to fight this virus. He has stuck his head in the ground just like an ostrich and pretends that this will only go away as if nothing happened.

Vote this Nov. 3. America needs a real president. Let’s vote stupidity out of the White House.

Jesus Rodriguez


Trump failed

In response to a letter to the editor in The Monitor’s Sept. 14 edition titled “Medical politics, Ms. Imelda Coronado contends that the president “is relentless in pursuing the health protection of Americans.” The president is holding inside rallies with no social distancing and no mask mandate. Is this protecting Americans? He speaks of COVID-19 in the past as if the virus no longer exists. Is this stupidity keeping Americans healthy?

She goes on to defend hydroxychloroquine, a drug rejected by medical scientists. She then goes on to try to defend the president’s colossal failure in his response to the virus, saying some “leftist radical socialists” accuse Trump of his inability to stop COVID-19 in order to win an election.

Truth of the matter is, more than Americans are still dying every day and more than 200,000 have died to date. The president still has no plan, 8 months after he first knew about the virus. He gave up on it!

We all know the president is a prolific liar, and what is worse is that his enablers give him the fuel to continue his campaign on truth and justice. Trump won’t stop lying so people keep dying.

All Americans with a moral compass should vote accordingly to their conscience and not based on lies and fictional, baseless conspiracy theories.

Efrain Salinas


Antifa stands against racism

Upon first hearing the word “Antifa” I wasn’t sure of its meaning. When learning that it meant “anti-fascist,” I realized I had been one of those for 75 years.

The two most prominent fascist leaders were Germany’s Adolf Hitler and Italy’s Benito Mussolini.

There was also an American Nazi Party that idolized Hitler. Their parades and rallies were replete with a huge number of American flags interspersed with Nazi flags and their swastika emblem. It seemed such an anomaly that a flag that stood for a republic for all people was desecrated by being displayed alongside a banner dedicated to a dictator who proclaimed white supremacy and the concept of a “master race.”

On Dec. 11, 1941, Germany and Italy declared war on the United States. Overnight, the American Nazi Party became non-existent. The two fascist dictators’ quest to be “leaders for life” ended ignominiously with Mussolini hanging by his heels at a gas station in Milan and Hitler’s suicide in his underground Berlin bunker.

Unfortunately, fascism has re-emerged and once again the “antifas” must stand in opposition to dictators and racism.

Dale Mortland


Hegar better for women

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a true leader. And, at the risk of sounding trite, true leadership is rare.

Leaders embrace and fight for causes that benefit others. Politicians, on the other hand, are driven by their own selfish interests, and rarely stand on principal.

The Rio Grande Valley is a placed filled with politicians. In politics, one is called to sell one’s soul to the devil, figuratively speaking. Altruistic? No.

As a woman, I am shocked, dismayed, but nor surprised that many Valley male politicians elected to endorse John Cornyn for the Senate. Mr. Cornyn belongs to the Republican Party whose scorched-earth policies are bringing this country to the brink of a civil war, thanks to their morally bankrupt leader, Donald Trump.

Mrs. M.J. Hegar fought in Afghanistan, pledged her life to defend our nation. She is running for the Senate here in Texas.

The list of endorsements from the so-called, self-described “leaders” here in the Valley is an insult to women in the Valley. Look around you and see who is working in low-paying jobs, doing the most menial jobs, caring for the sick and dying. And yet they dare to endorse not a woman who fought for America, but a man whose party chose to open up the economy and set the stage for more than 1,600 people dying in this Valle de Lagrimas. No, they are not “leaders” but simply bag men, carnival barkers like Trump. Shame on them!

Yolanda Jurado Gesswein


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