Edinburg school board OKs pay raises for staff

The Edinburg school district trustees approved higher salaries for district employees while leaving the tax rate unchanged, the ninth year in a row the district has increased pay for its 4,800-odd full-time employees.

Board members unanimously authorized a $2,000 salary increase for teachers and a 4% increase in pay from their midpoint salary for all other employees, a release from the district said.

The board also approved the tax rate for 2020-21, which will remain unchanged at $1.1382 per $100 valuation for taxpayers within the district.

Regarding the pay raises, Board President Oscar Salinas praised the work of district employees.

“I am excited that we were able to offer pay raises for our staff because they have done a great job this year,” Salinas stated. “They have been very patient, and they have worked really hard.”

One of the district’s goals is to develop and retain highly qualified staff by offering competitive salaries and great benefits, Salinas wrote.

The board also granted a $500 mid-year stipend for all eligible employees, the release said, and an additional annual insurance contribution of $480 for each employee to strengthen the district’s health fund in offsetting the increase to healthcare costs.

“A 2% raise was proposed, but we doubled it and approved a 4% salary increase,” board Vice President Carmen Gonzalez wrote. “The Board and I are pleased to be able to provide these pay raises during these challenging times.”