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Use taxes to execute

Kudos to the Hidalgo County District Attorney’s Office for seeking the death penalty of the accused murderer of DPS Trooper Moises Sanchez. The act of taking the life of another human being is warranted in this case, although I am sure liberal minds might not agree with capital punishment, and now with all the anti-police rhetoric some may say the accused was a victim.

This is one time as a taxpayer I am OK with the cost to seek the death penalty even though it is more costly than life in prison.

I have referred to the accused without mentioning him by name and I would ask the reporters at the Monitor and the other news outlets to not use his name in future reports. He deserves a fair trial but no notoriety; the name we should all be saying and remembering is Trooper Moises Sanchez.

Jake Longoria

Valley people make us proud

The Sept. 15 Monitor editorial, “Proud People, is a great read.

The regional Tex-Mex music of so many artists like Narciso Martinez and his accordion, Freddy Fender’s pop hits, groups like Valley Interfaith and others working for better conditions in the Valley, distinguished military personnel, enlisted men like my brother, who showed “gallantry in action” on the battlefield and was awarded the Silver Star in the Korean War; it’s the third-highest medal in the nation.

Wow! What a region; so proud of our people!

Mary Martinez

Complicit by silence


Most folks do not have scorn or contempt for women. Yet, some folks ally themselves with someone who is contemptuous and scornful of women. Most people are not intolerant toward those holding a different opinion or of a different religion. However, some people are in confederacy with someone who is intolerant of another’s opinion and religion.

Most folks are neither racists nor white supremacists. Yet, some folks support and endorse someone who is a racist and white supremacist. People embrace our national flag and Constitution. They vigorously wave both in the air. But, some of those people collaborate with someone who joyfully opposes the principles of our Constitution and our flag.

Not everyone has served and worn our country’s military uniforms as a result of heel spurs or simple choice. Regardless of whether they have served our country in uniform or not, some people are accomplices with a person who denigrates the service of those who have worn and currently wear those uniforms.

Veterans are deported. Protesters exercising the First Amendment are charged upon by armed foot and horse-mounted federal officers. Mothers are separated from their children and those children are kept sleeping on the cold floor of federal cages. Women having hysterectomies performed while in federal custody. Free and fair elections are threatened.

Who can be in support of such despicable acts, whether openly or silently? Silence in the face of such unacceptable behavior is an acceptance and embrace of them.

Tyranny by any other name smells just as bad as anything you have stepped on.

As Pastor Martin Niemoller indicated in his “First They Came For” about Nazi Germany, silence is complicity. No, currently, Nazis are not in charge. However, Nazis and white supremacists are abetted by the current wannabe totalitarian administration.

Birds of a feather flock together. Check your feathers for stains.

Again, silence is to be complicit. Speak up. Speak out. Register to vote and then vote.

Ricardo Flores

Warming and cooling

Why are some people shocked that the president said it would soon be cooler in California? It’s autumn and it happens every year, and if global warming is the cause of their devastating fires why don’t we have them in the south where it’s a lot hotter, or even in forests in California that are privately owned and properly managed?

Robert Welz

Trump blamed

This is in response to Jake Longoria’s letter of Sept. 16. He claims we need to stop saying it’s Trump’s fault that this country is in this Historic pandemic, that the Democratic leaders like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer lay blame on Trump for the deaths COVID-19 have caused. That’s more than 200,000 deaths and 6 million infected.

Trump is to blame for knowing back in January and February and not disclosing the fact that this was a killer virus. Instead he chose to downplay it and even call it a Democratic hoax. And he can’t claim this was fake news, because he’s on an audio recording claiming it was a bad and deadly virus.

He had time to start stockpiling the National Medical Supply and not blame Obama for leaving it in short supply, since Obama had left office more than three years before.

So yes, Trump betrayed the that he holds as president of the United States of America and the oath he took; he betrayed the American people.

Mr. Longoria needs to take off his rose-colored glasses and take a good look at Mr. Trump’s actions when it comes to COVID-19. He has done a lousy job and not a great job like he claims. Mr. Longoria, go tell all those people from the Valley who have lost love ones and were not even able to say goodbye. Tell them that Mr. Trump did a great job protecting the love ones they just lost.

America, please go out and vote, because we need a leader who will put us Americans first. We don’t need the worst America has to offer, like Trump.

Jesus Rodriguez

Citizenship questioned

Our Constitution states that a president and vice president must be natural-born citizens. A natural-born citizen is one who was born on American soil or whose parents were American citizens at the time of the baby’s birth. Neither of Kamala Harris’ parents were American citizens at the time of her birth. Therefore Kamala Harris is not a natural-born-citizen, and is ineligible to hold the office of vice president.

The Framers of our Constitution included this clause to prevent someone with dual citizenship from becoming our president or vice president. They didn’t want to take the chance of our president holding more allegiance to another country that he is a citizen of than to America.

Why isn’t this an issue in this election? Sen. John McCain was vetted by our Senate to determine if he was a natural-born citizen so he could run for president.

Why isn’t every concerned citizen talking about this? Is it because Kamala Harris is a female? Is race an issue? Or could it be because the news media, social media, academia and the entertainment industry are mostly controlled by the Left, and Harris is a member? I certainly hope not. All I hear are the sounds of crickets.

If we do not obey our Constitution our constitutional republic will cease to exist.

Darrell Williams Sr.

Editor’s note: Kamala Harris was born in California.

A warning on smoking

Smoke those cigarettes. Destroy your throat and lungs.

I started smoking at age 15. I was 40 when I stopped.

I became a runner, weightlifter and did all sorts of exercises. I did everything I could to keep in top physical shape.

Cancer still got me. Cancer of neck and throat.

I was at the VA hospital in San Antonio for seven weeks.

I had radiation treatments two times a day. Then I was sent home to rest for a month. Then back to the VA hospital in San Antonio for a complete neck resection and clean-up all the dead tissue.

I am 76 now and still have breathing problems. I have to have air bags inserted in my throat that are slowly inflated to stretch my throat so I can swallow easier.

All my meals are Ensure poured into a feeding tube in my stomach.

Smoke if you want to. I wish I never did!

If you have never smoked, do not start. If you smoke, please stop.

Ronald Haynes