Border wall not the answer

I read Brian S. Hastings’ letter of Sept. 15 with great interest. Walls are not the solution to our border problems.

Ask yourself: Why are illegal drugs and illegal immigrants coming into our country? Demand for illegal drugs and illegal immigrant labor is the reason. The demand is what needs to be resolved. A border wall will not do that.

Wall money needs to be used on drug addiction rehabilitation, education and law enforcement. I believe law enforcement is just as important as rehabilitation and education. Historically, walls have never kept people in or out.

The drug cartels are fighting and killing each other over money that comes from illegal drugs consumed in the U.S. The firearms they use are bought with drug money from the U.S. Illegal drugs are no longer consumed only by poor people. All segments of our society, including rich people, consume illegal drugs. The cartels fighting over money is no different than Al Capone and the mafia fighting over money in the 1920s and 1930s.

Illegal immigration is a problem that also needs to be resolved. There is a need for their labor and a solution needs to be found. The border wall will not solve that problem. Many jobs illegal immigrants do are jobs U.S. citizens are not willing to do.

In Texas most land, where the government wants to built the wall, is privately owned. Have you asked yourself how it is impacting those land owners? Some walls are more than a mile from the border. The wall south of the city of Granjeno is more than a mile from the river. It has created several thousand acres of a staging area for illegal activity and a no man’s land. It also caused the small community of El Rincon to disappear.

No, Mr. Hastings, walls are not the answer, they just create more problems. Demand for illegal drugs and illegal immigrant labor needs to be resolved. There is no will in the U.S. to solve the problem of addiction or illegal immigration because they are difficult problems. A wall is not the answer.

Another question: Why is a wall not being built on the Canadian border? Google “smuggling from Canada”; you will be surprised at what you find.

Reynaldo Anzaldua Sr.



Double standard

Joe Biden was the epitome of the old double standard when he quipped to podcaster Charlamagne, “Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” Charlamagne, who is black, retorted, “You can’t do that to black media!”

Biden abruptly ended the podcast, citing scheduling conflicts, whatever that means from his basement, which must be as busy as Grand Central Station.

So to former Vice President Biden, I say as a practicing Catholic, if your for abortion, you ain’t Catholic, end of story!

Jake Longoria



Trump ignores state mandates

Is Donald Trump above the law because he is president? No, he is not. Yet he keeps disregarding several state mandates to wear masks and have no more than 50 people gathering at his rallies.

Even worse, most of his supporters don’t wear masks at his rallies either. To can Trump claim to be the law and order president when he can’t even obey state mandates?

Jesus Rodriguez



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