LETTERS: Neither party has done much; Media spin for Trump; Lip service, but no action; Fading memory

Neither party has done much

On Sept. 7 The Monitor hosted two of the current big guns of the Letters page to a virtual standoff. Messrs. Jake Longoria and Bill Williams went at it defending their two parties, neither of which deserve any defense.

In summary, Mr. Longoria defended Mr. Trump’s late actions, made disparaging remarks about Mrs. Pelosi and managed to certify the naming of the virus as possibly Mr. Trump’s only great accomplishment.

Mr. Williams offered great facts that are, unfortunately, anywhere from two to 60 years old and current accusations of who’s in love with whom on the world diplomatic stage. He adds some predictions of things to come which, if measured against Mr. Trump’s current batting average on promises, probably won’t happen. It is true that Mr. Williams has the easier job because there are so many current mistakes to criticize.

However, the fact remains that over the past five presidents neither party has done much of anything for the Americans public of any age race, creed, ethnicity or sexual preference except get a few basic needs past the unreasoning objections of the other party. Meanwhile our infrastructure, post office and our concern for others, to name only a few, have deteriorated to an unacceptably low level.

How do we “go back to our nation’s classical liberal roots”? I am sure I don’t have all the answers, but we could start by pulling up and rereading the commentary that appeared above and to the left of the two letters suggesting we remove the aisles from the Capitol and seat the delegations only by state, not party.

Your turn! Write something suggesting a better America. Don’t just whine about it.

Ned Sheats


Media spin for Trump

It’s funny how the rightwing media try to spin the truth around to serve Trump. After it came out that Trump had said that the Marines who had died in France were losers and that the military personnel who fought in Vietnam were stupid for doing so, the right-wing media went all about doing damaged control for Trump.

Rush Limbaugh has not stopped spinning the facts, saying that Trump never said that. Unless Rush was there he can’t make that assessment.

Now let the people be the judge of the Fox reporter’s story. Just remember it’s a proven fact that Trump made some idiotic comments about Sen. John McCain, who was a prisoner of war for five years during Vietnam. Trump said McCain was no war hero because he was captured during the Vietnam War, and that in fact he was a loser and Trump only loves winners.

And this is the man people want to give four more years. Go out and vote this loser out. America needs a president who is for the people.

Jesus Rodriguez


Lip service, but no action

Amazing is the only word I have for the situation we are in with the COVID-19 virus.

I will freely admit I am not a fan of Trump, but I am amazed at what is happening with the potentially life-saving vaccine that is being developed by the medical industry. The drugs being developed now are in the third phase of testing and this phase requires 30,000 people to volunteer to be guinea pigs, so to speak.

Now here is the problem: Apparently the Trump fans are not as avid as their rhetoric indicates. I would think that when Trump said we would have a vaccine by Nov. 3, all his fans would jump up and down with enthusiasm and volunteer their bodies to make this happen. Not the case when it comes to their bodies. I guess it’s the old adage — I’ve got mine and I’m going to keep it!

History keeps repeating itself; the fallen leaders of this world tend to lose their followers when the luster wears off their tarnished shoulders, like Lenin, Mao, Hitler, Jim Jones and many others.

Bill Williams


Fading memory

I remember everything about Sept. 11, 2001; where I was, what was I doing, what was I thinking when I heard the first strike on one of the towers, and I realized what might be happening when I heard about the second strike on the second twin tower. And these moments will fade away as we pass on. And I realize, 20 years from the attack, that people will voice their doubt if it ever did happen. One thing I have learned in life is that people have a very short memory.

Rafael Madrigal


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