LETTERS: Enduring pandemic; No option that’s legal; Loser, sucker; Democrats’ allegations; America’s youth must take action; President helped vets

Enduring pandemic

Labor Day is a time to recognize workers across our great state and nation and honor the sacrifice, dedication and commitment to keeping our families healthy, our children educated, our food supply stocked and our economy going.

This year, more so than those in the recent past, we understand how critical essential workers like doctors, teachers, nurses, custodians, first responders and food supply workers, just to name a few, are to our daily lives. These individuals make an active decision every day that the health and well-being of their community is worth the increased risk they face in their jobs.

While we should thank all workers daily, today I want to express deep gratitude and appreciation for the American worker from everyone who relies on them every day.

We all recognize that everyone across this nation is experiencing significant hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This virus has forced us all to make difficult decisions — Should I go to the grocery store to get what I need?

Should we send our children to school or day care? Is it safe to visit loved ones?

While these challenges have been incredibly difficult for all of us, workers, especially our essential workers, have the added burden of facing increased exposure every day and worrying they might bring the virus home to those they love. The paramedics who put the safety of their community before themselves; the teachers working double time and spending their own savings to create an environment where students feel safe and can learn, whether that be remotely or in person; food bank personnel ensuring that everyone has access to a meal at the end of the day. These people are who make us strong, who keep us safe, and who will be the reason we are able to emerge from this pandemic stronger than ever. These workers cannot do it alone, though. It is going to require collective action by all of us to beat this virus. Only by working together and following guidance from health professionals like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will we be able to ensure the economy bounces back for everyone. The impact of the Texas worker is felt both at home and abroad, and it will be because of their sweat, dedication and perseverance that our state and nation is second to none.

State Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa D-McAllen

No option that’s legal

McAllen police do not have my confidence or respect. I’m 79 years old and several times a week I walk from my house to the store. Since McAllen has virtually no sidewalk system, until recently I just walked on the edge of the street, so as not to trespass on private property.

But one day the police stopped me, warning me that in McAllen it is illegal to walk in the street, and threatening me with a citation if they catch me again. So from then on I began to trespass (lightly) on private property more than before, telling myself that if that’s what the police told me to do it must be legal, or at least OK with everybody.

And it does seem to be OK with most homeowners. They see me balancing my feeble old body on their curb (where there is one), and they wave. Twice someone has even told me to feel free to walk where I want.

Except one guy who spotted me on the edge of his property and said he was going to call the police. I told him to go ahead and call, because walking in the street is illegal in McAllen.

The police came and warned me that if I walked on his property again, I could end up in jail!

Needless to say, trying to talk logic was futile. So I said OK officers, and now I just keep my head low and hope for the best.

Since I don’t drive a car, I’ll keep breaking the law to buy food.

Really, it seems that for McAllen cops, being a pedestrian is the real crime.

Defunding doesn’t seem like such a bad idea when the cops hassle citizens just for not being drivers.

Terry Church


Loser, sucker

I am a loser and sucker because I served in the U.S. military. That is President Trump’s opinion of me and all the other vets, living and dead.

Trump probably thinks we should have supported Germany in World War I.

Even Fox News verified that. No other president has said anything like that. Could there be a more miserable excuse for a human being serving as president?

If you support Trump, never say to me, “Thank you for your service, because I will know you do not mean it.

Silence in this matter is an approval of Trump’s hatred of the military. Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn have been silent, as has the rest of the GOP. There is little doubt that Trump is an agent of Russia.

The GOP is silent.

Hank Shiver


Democrats’ allegations

It is abundantly clear that the donothing Democratic Party will continue to produce sensational news stories about President Trump from now until the “October Surprise.” Nothing is off the table and all is fair game, so get ready to read scintillating stories about our impeached president.

Over the past three years we have gone through Russian conspiracies, porn stars, quid pro quo phone calls to recently mocking veterans and war dead. Each story verified by unverifiable sources of impeachable character as told by reporters at major news outlets, former Trump associates and politicians like Adam Schiff, who to date has never produced his verifiable, documented proof of President Trump being a Russian collaborator.

So get ready, it’s going to get crazy. I have it on good authority from a reliable source that President Trump has DNA that links him to Adolf Hitler that will be revealed by the media, plus a photo showing the wind blowing the presidents hair revealing he wears a wig to cover his horns.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Jake Longoria


America’s youth must take action

Young voters, we are better than this. As the new voice of our democracy, we must make our cry to be heard louder than ever, because the current leader of this country is unwilling to listen.

To echo famous words, “It is what it is.” President Trump is not led by our nation’s values. He has made it more difficult for the average voter (yes, you) to receive affordable health care and education. He has rejected every opportunity to preserve the planet that we will inherit. He hid in a bunker as we bled for peace and held a bible for a photo-op as we rallied in the streets, uttering softly, love thy neighbor. He is the president who cried hoax over the shaking voices of families, friends and lovers whispering goodbye into the phone as loved ones died alone at the hand of a virus he ignored.

This is no longer a matter of sides: Our world is burning. Our nation is crying. Our democracy is vulnerable.

We are all human enough to understand that simple compassion for country and people overwhelm the demanded loyalty for an office and a leader who is meant to serve us.

As of now, we have the power to turn the tide of change with one united, indivisible voice. If Trump succeeds in breaking down the values of democracy and the ability to rightfully choose our next leader, we may no longer have one.

John O’Connor

Cedar Creek, Texas

President helped vets

The super unethical media mob is desperate to influence the 2020 election, inventing veteran-adverse poison stories to hurt the president. These lowlife cowards never name a real source; it’s always, “somebody close to the president,” “an anonymous source,” “pundits reported,” but never a real source.

As the proud wife of an Army veteran, I can tell you firsthand that the previous administrations sat on their behinds doing nothing for veterans. Some of them died while waiting months on end for a medical appointment.

Did Biden in his almost 45 years in government do anything for veterans to easily access medical appointments? No!

President Trump did! He expanded Veterans Choice to give our veterans more medical access and dignity that was long denied to them by all the previous administrations.

All these “nameless” reporting cowards are desperate to hurt the president. Are they socialist assets or what?

Imelda Coronado


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