LETTERS: President took action; ‘Grito’ belongs to Texas also; Free speech under attack; Comparing allegations; Stop blaming our president; Trump fights; No class, no sports

President took action

Democrats always want to blame someone else. They say President Trump hasn’t taken COVID-19 seriously, but he shut down travel from China and was called a racist by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi even though Dr. Anthony Fauci said he saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

They accused him of not listening to science, but he shut down the greatest economy our country has ever seen because of science. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx are still on his staff and keep him informed every day on what’s happening with the virus.

The president has always tried to stay positive and speak of returning America back to prominence once again. I guess if we had it the Democrat way he should talk of death and destruction of our nation and we’re all going to die.

Bill Rouillier


‘Grito’ belongs to Texas also

Why is “el Grito” of Sept. 16, 1810, celebrated in Texas? This call for freedom historically falls within the context of what was then called la Nueva España and that included all of the present southwestern United States of America. It has vast significance to all Tejanos living in Texas, since el Grito set into motion a desire for freedom that resonated throughout this state.

One must remember that Texas did not join the United States of America until the year 1848, exactly 38 years after el Grito of 1810.

Conquistador Hernán Cortés and his crew landed in México in 1519 and he immediately claimed the land a Spanish possession in the name of King Carlos V. Colonization efforts lasted from 1521 when the conquest officially ended until 1821 when this territory reverted back to the Mexican Empire. The Spaniards developed a caste system of preference regarding certain positions of authority in New Spain. They gave preference to a “gachupín,” or Spaniard, over a Mexican-born Spaniard called a “criollo,” Indian or “mestizo” (mixed Spanish and Indian blood).

The time was then ready for some type of action that later developed into the independence movement headed by Padre Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. He was ordained a priest in 1792 and sent to the Dolores Parish, and soon became embroiled in the liberal ideas of liberty of the times. He was a French scholar and became familiar with the works of Rousseau and Montesquieu and their liberal ideas of liberty. While at Dolores he taught the parishioners to cultivate grapes and weave silk.

By 1810 unrest had swept over all of New Spain, which also included Texas. Tejanos felt ignored by the Spanish Crown; their rights were sometimes abused and property such as cattle decreed as owned by the Spanish Crown.

All this led to el Grito of September 1810 that reverberated throughout all of the territory under Spanish domain, which also included Texas.

In San Antonio Tejanos sided with the efforts of Father Hidalgo during the “de las Casas revolt” of 1811, as well as the Battle of Medina of 1813 near San Antonio in support of liberty. There more than 1,000 Tejanos and others perished in support of an independent Tejas, all leading in sentiment and framework to the Battle of the Alamo in 1836, which inspired the fight for freedom for all Texans.

Dr. Lino García Jr.

Professor emeritus of Spanish Literature UTRGV Edinburg

Free speech under attack

Appeals court rules against free speech! This is coming straight from Donald Trump’s own spouting of hate for his political opposition. No one deserves a job in his administration with ties to the Democrats. He continually spouts this rhetoric even to the judicial system, including the Supreme Court. His never-Trumper label has left our government with so many inept employees filling critical jobs that we have lost as of this date 195,000 people to the virus needlessly.

The Starr County district attorney fired an employee because she worked on her sister’s political campaign. Wow! No free speech whatsoever.

Why does an American have to believe and act on other one’s beliefs to hold a job? Even though the job is done with perfection and dedication to America’s best interest. The district attorney has lost his election bid and should never have been elected in the first place.

This brings me to my main complaint about elections in the Valley. We have been residents here for 20 years and it is almost impossible to know what people running for office stand for relating to their values and views about what people go through in their daily lives to exist.

The courts are failing us as a last resort. We are at the mercy of the voters this coming election, and with all the garbage coming out of Russia in social media and Trump’s party, it will be difficult to overcome ignorance and elect responsible people to office.

Bill Williams


Comparing allegations

Mr. Jake Longoria (Letters, Aug. 16) claims the media swept sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden under the carpet. They covered it several times, but in the end it was concluded that they were just allegations that were very flimsy.

Several women have come forward about President Trump and his treatment of women, including Stormy Daniels. She had an affair with the president just a short time after his wife had given birth to their son. This is not an allegation, this actually happened, but some people keep giving this so-called president a free pass.

There’s also that audio of him bragging about grabbing a certain part of a woman’s anatomy.

Mike Martinez


Stop blaming our president

It is hard to believe that we have reached the 19th anniversary of 9/11; the pandemic, riots and the presidential election have been the focus as of late and it seems that most Americans paid little or no attention to the anniversary.

Sadly, this year we will lose more than 200,000 to the COVID-19 pandemic, and if you believe the media and Democrats it’s President Trump’s fault. I think it is shameful that Democratic leaders like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer lay blame on this president for the deaths caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. If that were the case, President Clinton could be blamed for not killing Osama Bin Laden and held accountable for the deaths on 9/11 and the wars that followed. He was given the option to exterminate the vermin but had other Oval Office distractions to deal with.

Maybe it’s not politics at all, just human nature to want to assign blame for a bad event. Someone once said success has a thousand fathers and failure just one, the poor guy left holding the bag.

Finally, it doesn’t matter which side of the political fence you sit on, just like we “Remember the Alamo and Pearl Harbor, or should always “Remember 9/11” and the American heroes who died that day.

Jake Longoria


Trump fights

President Trump was threatened not to go to Kenosha, Wis. We know Trump, he is much like Sir Lancelot of Camelot. He does not take a knee from those who threaten him, and when he does go is to win. And he did just that. Hail to our president.

Rafael Madrigal


No class, no sports

Mission CISD is extending remote learning to Nov. 2. In the news article (Sept. 4) the superintendent said, “We will take steps to make in-person instruction safe as possible for everyone.”

The article did not note two things: one, the new date is right before the national elections, which makes this decision smell like politics. If it is political, that makes her statement a complete falsehood. And two; in extending this date, she has answered the parents who wanted football back. The answer is no! You cannot have in-person football practice/ competition if there’s no inperson instruction. If it’s not safe for in-person instruction, then it’s not safe for football practice/ competition.

Rodney Zaedow


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