LETTERS: Misogyny in military; Book excerpt; Description questioned

Misogyny in military

There is a crisis in the ranks of our military so bad it warrants its own name — military sexual trauma. We are failing members of our military by refusing to address the rampant culture of misogyny in the military. We can’t keep pretending that this isn’t a problem. We can’t keep pretending that the system is working to protect survivors — it isn’t.

The system failed Vanessa Guillen and Elder Fernandes, and they aren’t the only ones.

Adding to the problem is societal messaging that victims are responsible for what happened to them and should be blamed. Victim blaming is wrong.

I read that Elder was moved for his protection. Why did he need to be moved when he wasn’t the problem? Was it that the perpetrator was higher ranking and in a place of authority?

These issues cannot and will not be solved by the military. The military has internal problems. We need our senators and representatives to do their jobs in addressing the crisis of military sexual trauma now.

There are many problems going on in our country at the moment, and it can be quite tough to prioritize the issues that need to be addressed. But if it is too hard to listen to those affected by this, resign or be voted out in November. We can’t pick our leaders in the military, but we can choose who we want to represent us in the House and Senate.

Right now, Sen. John Cornyn is failing to be the leader whom Texans and survivors need. Sen. Cornyn voted against Senate Bill 1752, the Military Justice Improvement Act of 2013, which would not allow commanding officers to make court-martial decisions of accused members.

We need more from Sen. Cornyn. How many tragedies might have been prevented with changes in legislation that Sen. Cornyn did not support?

We have a choice to make this November, and Sen. Cornyn has shown that he will not stand with survivors. We need a leader who will fight for all of us.

Beatriz Reynoso , USAF veteran MST survivor Harlingen

Book excerpt

In my continuing effort to remember and honor our Vietnam combat veterans, especially in view of the approaching Veterans Day in November, I would like to submit the following excerpt from my book, “All Expenses Paid.”

We saw: Pain and lots of blood.

Rain and lots of mud.

Held my friends as they took their last breath, before their death.

The enemy who killed my friends.

Jungles, with tangles and tunnels.

Days and moonless nights, both seemed to have no end.

Always wet, from rain and sweat, in the green hell.

Always smelled sour because we had no way to shower.

Tired, stink and stress.

Oppressed villagers.

And more, which we will never forget.

Thank you for your consideration and coverage of all veterans and firstline defenders.

John Launer


Description questioned

I found Ruben Navarrette Jr.’s description of Kamala Harris (Aug. 30) interesting: “Harris only looks out for Harris — except when she is looking around the corner for her next job. She is a lawyer with only one client: her ambition. And she’ll defend it at all costs.” Now, he was talking about Kamala, wasn’t he? Because it sure sounds like he is talking about Trump — except the lawyer part, as Trump was a TV host. Just wondering!

Gerard Pahl


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