LETTERS: Vote out violence; Dispose properly; Medical politics

Vote out violence

As we get closer to Nov. 3, tempers seem to rise on the political stage and even extend to the streets of our nation in a violent way. What is disheartening is that the violence is accepted by a political party and even encouraged as normal, and defended as a right.

How can that be? No one in this nation is given a right to break any law and not be accountable. And how is it that those who are voted into power like mayors and governors refuse to prosecute the lawbreakers, and yet they prosecute good citizens who defend themselves against these attackers?

We have become a leaderless nation where chaos and thugs dictate our lives and political leaders raise the white flag of surrender and give up in the hope of getting reelected this November. They fear losing the election if they prosecute those thugs who are burning and looting our cities.

Eventually people will get fed up and take the law in their own hands. Police will not exist, and instead tribalism will rule this nation.

It will never happen here? That’s what they said in Germany in the 1930s, and it did happen.

We are opening the door to dictatorship in America because we are too weak to be responsible to enforce our own laws.

This November we will determine whether America will continue on the right path or the road to self destruction. All is up to you the voter to decide, so make sure you come out and vote by the thousands to have your voice heard. You, the silent majority, will determine America’s fate this November. God bless you all.

Rafael Madrigal


Dispose properly

If you think throwing trash on the side of streets is OK, you are wrong. Those who throw beer bottles onto people’s yards are ignorant.

Everybody pays for ignorant behavior. Just put a stupid plastic bag in your old car.

John Garza


Medical politics

President Trump has never failed in his quest to stop COVID-19 to save lives. He is relentless in pursuing the health protection of Americans.

The radical media mob, complicit government health officials and leftist radical socialists have been actively politicizing against Hydroxychloroquine, which could have saved COVID-19 lives, in an effort to accuse President Trump of inability to stop COVID-19; also, possibly to influence the 2020 election with an extended pandemic.

The Henry Ford Health System in Michigan found that within its hospitals, 50% fewer people died when treated with hydroxychloroquine.

Furthermore, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons note that “HCQ impressively improved survival. In contrast, the governmentfavored drug remdesivir has only been shown to decrease survivors’ hospital stay by four days, with no demonstrable improvement in survival.”

How many COVID-19 patients died unnecessarily and could have survived had their lives not been politicized solely for the purpose of maligning a caring president?

Accountability is owed to the suffering families of these innocent COVID-19 fatalities.

No retractions, regrets or thoughts of possible blood on their hands have surfaced from these derailed voices.

This could be one of the biggest betrayals of innocent COVID-19 victim fatalities.

Imelda Coronado


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