LETTERS: Minimizing negativity; Alarming reports; Presidents compared

Minimizing negativity

Minimizing negativity: this seems to be the modus operandi of Donald Trump.

Since he was a child, he was taught never to show weakness by his father. He was also taught that empathy equals weakness.

Just like he slighted his older, now dead brother Freddy out of his inheritance, he is antagonizing Democratic state governors by withholding vital assistance to them during this pandemic because they pointed out how inept he is.

When Donald Trump’s mother was sick, his father kept saying, “Everything is great. Right, Tutz?” as if to downplay his sick wife’s condition at the time.

A lot of what his father stood for, Donald stands for now.

But in my opinion the one thing that Donald took from his father the most was his uncanny ability to minimize negativity.

He dragged his feet during the start of this year with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic, not because he wasn’t prepared for it but rather because he feared the repercussions of a failed response, which is obviously what he did.

Everything was “OK,” “wonderful” and “it will be over soon” with “down to zero,” when referencing the number of cases back in February.

Even as I write, he’s on his podium stating that “this is the greatest economy in the history of the United States” during dismal job numbers that make the Great Depression look like “hard times.”

Worse, his entire life he’s had enablers who give him carte blanche when either borrowing millions of dollars, which he wasn’t obligated to pay back from his father in the ’80s, or allowing the detaining of children at our border, or negating science during this global pandemic.

Donald Trump is a symptom, I say over and over again, to a much greater problem of indifference, ignorance and apathy on everyone’s part. My only hope is that I find some solace knowing that this can’t last forever.

Phil Garcia


Alarming reports

As I read The Monitor this morning, I shudder at the news around America. This administration is leading America down the path of destruction.

Anarchy is getting its foothold in America and with the aid of Russia and other foreign governments around the globe. In The Monitor’s Aug. 29 edition we see several news reports indicating anarchy raising its ugly head.

In Texas, the bar owners have banded together and are going to open their bars in defiance of our governor’s orders. Even some of them have had their licenses taken away for violating laws of Texas, yet they are still going to openly sell liquor! This will lead to even more COVID-19 outbreaks in Texas.

Rednecks are carrying assault rifles openly and shooting people randomly. These happenings are looked at as legal and patriotic activity!

The president is encouraging his supporters to not wear masks and maintain a safe distance between each other. These events he is holding have a history of mass infections and deaths attributed to the spread of the viruses.

The president is in the process of destroying (in my opinion) our confidence in our federal agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Food and Drug Administration, FBI ad the Justice Department. Sometimes I wonder if this advice is coming from Vladimir Putin and his oligarchs. We the people have no record of what they are talking about in their communications; even the records of their get-togethers have been destroyed.

If and when a good vaccine is developed, the general public in large numbers will reject using it due to all the political hype. This is a sad day in America, and this should not have happened.

Our senators are enabling this by their silence. Either they don’t have the guts to stand up to this president or they believe in his methods of inflicting pain and deaths to so many Americans. There are predictions of 300,000 deaths in America by year’s end. This is unbearable and unthinkable in this day and time.

America should wake up and demand change before its too late. History repeats itself too many times, just as Rome burned while the fiddles played and people ate cake!

Bill Williams


Presidents compared

All the Presidents Men was a book written about President Nixon. My oh my, how this would fit Trump like a glove.

Since he took office, seven former advisers who serve in the White House or worked on his campaign have been swept up in criminal prosecution. The latest is Steve Bannon, who was charged with fraud by federal prosecutors.

There is an old Mexican saying: “Tell me who you hang around with and I’ll tell you who you are.” After this administration leaves office, it will be considered one of the most corrupt in U.S. history.

With this latest controversy, one has to wonder if this is what awaits Trump when he leave office. Maybe that’s why he is fighting tooth and nail on not turning over his tax records. Who knows what he’s hiding?

Jesus Rodriguez


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