LETTERS: Support food banks; Biden blasted; Republicans found at fault

Support food banks

We’ve all seen COVID-19’s impact on reopening plans for schools, unemployment rates and financial struggles within our area. My team at Los Mirasoles Wind Farm and I are proud to be a part of this community and wanted to give back while so many are facing hardship.

With the help of our parent company, EDP Renewables North America, we have donated $8,000 to the Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley to help those in Hidalgo, Starr, Willacy and Cameron counties who need help putting food on the table during these tough times.

Along with our local efforts, EDPR NA is providing a total of $32,000 in funding to food banks and relief organizations serving our other wind farm and solar park communities across Texas.

This is part of the company’s more than $300,000 overall commitment for COVID-19 relief support in more than 50 project areas throughout North America.

If you have the resources, we encourage you to join us in donating to our local food banks and support services.

It’s especially important now to band together and support one another.

J.P. Hunter, Operations manager EDP Renewables’ Los Mirasoles Wind Farm Edinburg in Hidalgo and Starr Counties

Biden blasted

This is an open letter to the “Never Trump” brigade.

You have eyes but you do not see, you have ears but you do not hear, and you speak with the standard talking points of the Democratic Party.

You critique but offer no solutions, you are armchair quarterbacks living in the “what if” world.

Here are some facts: 1. President Trump shut down travel from China and was called a xenophobe and racist, although he saved hundreds of thousands of lives ahead of any Democrat.

2. Nancy Pelosi was walking the streets of China Town in San Francisco saying it’s safe, sounding like the Price is Right announcer saying, “Come on down.”

3. Many people called the COVID-19 virus the China and Wuhan coronavirus way before President Trump called it the “China virus,” and rightly so, since it came from there — just as MERS was called the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome.

4. Joe Biden has no plan for COVID-19. His answer: “Follow science,” and “Shut the country down if need be” — a response akin to a weak tree branch waving in the wind, being pushed by the prevailing winds. Biden insists that “we must choose truth over facts,” while making the argument for his candidacy at the Iowa State Fair on Aug. 8, 2019 on ABC News.

I can assure the readership that factual evidence leads to the truth, not the other way around, but if I told Mr. Biden that he might call me a “dogfaced lying pony soldier.”

Jake Longoria,


Republicans found at fault

The Aug. 16 paper contains a letter from Jake Longoria and as usual he sneers at Democrats running for office.

He alludes that Democrats drew up the NAFTA agreement. Wrong: George Bush’s administration did and Bill Clinton’s administration and Congress ratified it.

I can give him facts.

Richard Nixon, the crook, opened up China. Now we have a problem with them.

Ronald Reagan gave the Japanese an opening into our car market that turned out to be detrimental to the industry and for his efforts he was rewarded with a $2,000 speaking fee from the auto industry in Japan just a few days after leaving office.

Reagan also almost tripled the national debt. George Bush Sr. bankrupted the savings and loan lending institutions.

George W. Bush almost bankrupted the financial system in America, leading to the worst recession since the Depression and leading to doubling the national debt. He also irritated a lot of our allies around the world with his goit- alone attitude.

Now for Donald Trump, in love with North Korean leader Kim Jung-un, secret meeting with Vladimir Putin and no records of those meetings!

Not honoring his oath to uphold the Constitution and upholding laws of the land!

Destroying the Postal Service, which America depends on for medicine, love letters, Social Security checks and many other packages. COVID-19 is another misery we are living with due to Trump.

I could go on and on with many reams of things Trump does with no opposition from the senators who are supposed to be the conscience for America.

Why anyone votes for a Republican baffles me!

Bill Williams,


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