LETTERS: Change needed; Pandemic mistakes; Guillen ignored; Forgotten brothers; Wait for the facts

Change needed

Mr. Trump has made an issue of mail-in votes. So I ask, what is the difference between absentee voting and mailin voting? Because Mr. Trump has said that there is nothing wrong with absentee voting, but fraud can be made by mail in voting.

What is funny is that Mr. Trump has always voted by mail. So did he commit Fraud by voting by mail?

Honestly, Mr. Trump has already started making excuses in case he loses the election. God willing, he will, because he lacks the leadership skills and he always has to lead America.

Just look at what his leaderless skills have done to this country during this pandemic.

He also claims that if Joe Biden wins we will have dozen Portlands around the country. Wait — didn’t we just have dozens of riots under his administration? Didn’t he send unmarked agents to try to defuse a situation without the governor or mayor asking for help, and it made things worse.

I ask my fellow Americans to go out and vote. We need a change in Washington.

Jesus Rodriguez


Pandemic mistakes

As of Aug. 22, 5.8 million Americans had been infected with coronavirus and more than 180,000 had died. What’s tragic is that we had ample warning about the pandemic and could have taken steps to contain it. Instead, the incompetence of the current administration led to disaster.

COVID-19 first appeared in Wuhan, China, in mid-November. By early January, U.S. intelligence agencies began issuing warnings about the virus in the president’s daily brief.

Taiwan, just 81 miles from China, had far less warning than we did. But they acted sensibly — quarantining passengers from Wuhan, using government funds to increase mask production and issuing daily press briefings to educate the public about coronavirus. So their outcomes were far better: of 23 million people they had only 487 cases, 7 deaths.

By contrast, Trump downplayed the danger, saying the virus would “just disappear.” He failed to mobilize government resources to ramp up testing or to procure needed medical supplies. Trump divided the nation, turning the common-sense practice of wearing a mask into a political issue, and pushing to open the economy before it was safe.

The U.S. now leads the world in total coronavirus cases and deaths. Before the current administration, the U.S. would have been a leader in uniting the world in fighting the virus.

It’s astonishing how far our global influence has shrunk in under four years. We need a leader who will take responsibility, tell the truth, and unite us in times of crisis. It’s time to vote Trump out.

Philip Riffe


Guillen ignored

The opening of the Democratic National Convention was phony, hatefilled and lackluster.

Even overrated Michele Obama’s narcissistic, self-victimhood speech couldn’t prevent the big “thud” ending sound of the DNC’s opening night.

When talking about hate crimes against blacks, she conveniently forgot to include the hate crime against Army Pfc. Vanessa Guillen, who was brutally murdered while honorably serving her country at her Fort Hood Army base in Texas.

Did Guillen’s life at all matter to anybody famous and powerful?

Vanessa and her family did matter to President Trump, but all the major networks and news media chose to ignore and dismiss it.

Fair-minded Americans did notice.

Did Vanessa’s Hispanic ethnicity disqualify her life from mattering to people like Michele Obama?

Michele’s sanctimonious, selfserving speech only reminded the country of her and Obama’s Ameriphobic, apologetic eight years in the White House. Her fake talk about women’s rights is boldfaced hypocrisy. She hasn’t yet commented, as far as I know, on the hate crime and “women’s rights” of Hispanic Vanessa Guillen.

Imelda Coronado


Forgotten brothers

Texas history has long forgotten the bravery and courage of the four Flores brothers who fought for Texas independence from Mexico: 2nd Lt. Salvador Flores, Sgt. Manuel Flores, Cpl. Nepomuceno Flores and Pvt. Jose Flores, who fought alongside their brother-in-law, Capt. Juan Seguin, in five battles, including the siege of the Alamo and Battle of San Jacinto.

When Seguin was given the important task of foraging for food and supplies for the Texas army, he asked his father-in-law, Jose Flores de Abrego, as well as his own father, Erasmo Seguin, to supply the Texans and Tejanos with sheep and cattle. Lt. Flores, being second in command, had the responsibility to maintain scouting patrols as well as to recruit more Tejanos to fight for Texas. Salvador and Manuel would fight with Seguin and Col. Jim Bowie at the Battle of Concepcion, as well as the Grass Fight with Deaf Smith, head of Texas scouts. Both brothers would also participate in the siege of Bexar (San Antonio), maintaining scouting patrols to prevent reinforcements to Mexican Gen. Martin Perfecto de Cos’ soldiers in San Antonio and at the Alamo. Also, both brothers were at the siege of the Alamo, but left during the three-day armistice issued by Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, according to Enrique Esparza, the 8-year-old son of Gregorio Esparza, who died at the Alamo, manning the cannon behind the chapel.

In January 1836, Texas Gen. Sam Houston ordered Salvador Flores to take about 25 Tejanos, including his baby brother Jose, to provide scouting patrols to protect the settlers and the ranches south of San Antonio against Indian raids. Manuel Flores would later join up at Gonzales with his brother Nepomuceno to become part of Capt. Seguin’s rear action guard and for Gen. Houston’s retreating army to protect against an attack from advancing Mexican cavalry. At San Felipe, Seguin’s Tejanos exchanged gunshots across the Brazos River against the Mexican cavalry to prevent the horsemen from crossing the river during the Runaway Scrape. Manuel and Nepomuceno would fight with Capt. Seguin and Gen. Houston on the battlefield of San Jacinto to be part of the great victory that gave Texas its independence from Mexico.

Texas has the father of Texas, Stephen F. Austin, and the mother of Texas, Jane Long, but the first family of Texas designation should go to the Flores family. All four Flores brothers fought in the War for Texas Independence, along with their father, Jose Jr., who supplied the Texas army with sheep and cattle, and their sister, Maria Gertrudis Flores Seguin, who took care of the Seguin ranch and children. Texas became the independent Republic of Texas because of brave individuals, like Col. Jim Bowie, Lt. Col. William Travis, High Pvt. Davy Crockett, Gen. Houston and Capt. Juan Seguin, but also because of a totally brave and dedicated family, the Flores brothers.

Viva Tejas y vivan los Tejanos

Jack Ayoub


Wait for the facts

I would like to congratulate The Monitor for its excellent reporting on stories. They appear professional and fair for anyone to read.

For example, on Aug. 17 it was reported that police had responded to an incident involving a shooting at a Weslaco Walmart. They were trying to verify the story.

This tells me that The Monitor is not trying to get ahead of the story and finds it important to verify before reporting the story.

Later the police chief came out and spoke to the media, to include the Monitor, and explained the story, step by step. I love this type of journalism.

Rafael Madrigal


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