San Juan man pleads guilty in cocaine smuggling case

Defendant claimed to be living in Reynosa, attending STC 

Despite not having any coursework materials, a man found with cocaine inside his vehicle told federal agents he was a South Texas College student.

Last week David Frausto pleaded guilty to one count of import of a controlled substance related to his arrest in March attempting to enter the country at a port of entry, records show.

On Aug. 25, Frausto agreed to plead guilty to the charge in exchange for dropping the remaining three charges, two conspiracy and one possession charge, records show.

The 20-year-old man, a U.S. citizen from San Juan, was arrested March 9 at the Anzalduas port of entry after a search of his vehicle led U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers to discover nearly 12 kilograms of cocaine hidden within his vehicle, the complaint against the man states.

That morning, Frausto was attempting to enter the United States through the Anzalduas port of entry.

“The vehicle was taken for x-ray scans and anomalies were observed in the front floorboard,” the complaint against Frausto states.

Once the illegal packages were uncovered CBP officers removed 10 wrapped bundles that weighed a little more than 11 kilograms containing cocaine.

During his interview with federal agents, Frausto stated he was a South Texas College student, but when pressed by agents to name his professors Frausto was unable to, according to the complaint.

“Upon a search of the vehicle, officers located a backpack that contained a coloring book with no other college course work inside,” the court record shows.

Frausto told agents he was also going to visit his “future girlfriend,” before returning home to Reynosa.

“Throughout the interview, Frausto provided inconsistent statements as to what his activities were going to be while in the United States,” the record shows.

The court set Frausto’s sentencing date for Nov. 4, where he could receive between 10 years and up to life in prison.