LETTERS: Expanding web access; Double standard; Trump haters are disturbing

Expanding web access

Valley schools’ digital divide has never been more critical than during the pandemic.

According to the Federal Communications Commission, more than 21 million Americans lack access to high-speed internet, and an estimated 1.8 million Texans, most of them in rural areas, don’t have high-speed internet access — including areas surrounding McAllen and other parts of the Rio Grande Valley. The Pew Research Center also released a report in May that 44% of adults in households with incomes below $30,000 don’t have broadband, 29% don’t own a smartphone and 46% don’t have a traditional computer.

The pandemic has driven double-digit growth for broadband in the span of a couple of weeks. A recent report by OpenVault found that average broadband consumption at the end of the first quarter in 2020 rose to 402.5 gigabytes per user, an increase of 47% compared to the first quarter of 2019’s average of 273.5 GB. At Western Governors University Texas, our mission is to expand access to postsecondary opportunities by providing high-quality online education — particularly to underserved communities — so we’re granting high-speed internet access and providing devices to students who need and can’t afford them through our Online Access Scholarship Program. This scholarship program removes barriers to learning opportunities by providing internet access to students pursuing an online credential.

Linda Battles


Double standard

When George Floyd’s life was so brutally taken by an abusive white officer, it precipitated months of rioting, burning, looting and killing, all in the name of George Floyd. All the television stations, radio stations and newspapers were dedicating the better part of their time and space to cover the killing and its aftermath.

Mr. Floyd’s funeral was carried live by most TV stations in America and I applaud their sentiment. George Floyd’s death was a shameful miscarriage of justice.

Vanessa Guillen, on the other hand, an American soldier proudly serving her country, was brutally murdered and her body was dismembered and buried in a shallow grave, in three different places, and I did not see a single civil rights leader come up to the microphone to fight for Vanessa’s civil rights. I did not see a single TV station carry her funeral live. Telemundo showed a short news report on her funeral.

I am baffled by the double standard. It has all the makings of hypocrisy. As a matter of fact, it reeks of hypocrisy. Are we suggesting here that if a white man kills a black man, the country is outraged, but if a black man kills a Hispanic woman there is no call for outrage, unrest or protest? I hope not. God help us if it is so.

José C. Coronado


Trump haters are disturbing

I would like to address Trump haters who are falling over themselves to jump on the Biden bandwagon.

First, I find it very disturbing that a pathological hatred for President Trump would lead one to take a gamble with America’s future by voting for a third-rate establishment politician who will be nothing but puppet for radical socialists. One can find a prime example of such hatred and mentality in the so-called Lincoln Project. The group is composed of a bunch of Trump-hating bigots (Republicans) whose sole mission in life is to defeat President Trump.

One can only surmise that the intelligence of the American people has been greatly exaggerated.

Rob Castillo


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