LETTERS: A new normal; Task force strikes out; Leaders compared; Print money for workers; Doctor defended

A new normal

Will we ever go back to normal? Is today the new normal for the future? These are questions that we cannot answer today.

Today, we live in the present and make changes as we perceive the present situation. Whoever thought that one day in the future we will be given an order to wear a mask once we step out of the house? Twenty years ago this would be taken as silly or unrealistic, no more than a science fiction novel. It can never happen, was our attitude.

I find myself struggling with the changes; for example, my wife and I went to pick up a fajita plate at a restaurant. We were told to wait, so we asked for ice tea while we waited. So I am talking to my wife, dropping my guard. I went to get a sip of tea and my mask was in the way. That’s when I thought, I need to retrain myself to adjust to this new way of life of today.

I see our past fading away and a new form evolving. To what point? I feel that no one knows at this point in time. I sense more restrictions coming our way where we will continue to trade our freedom for survival.

Is this the new normal for us? I just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and it worries me. Am I the only one thinking this way? I don’t think so.

Rafael Madrigal


Task force strikes out

Abbott’s “Strike Force” is not an action movie; this is the actual name of a group of 41 of the most prominent and politically powerful business executives in the state of Texas. Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order on March 13 creating a “Strike Force to Open Texas” with the purpose of “safely” opening businesses and “all aspects of the Lone Star State.”

In April, Gov. Abbott, advised by his Strike Force team, began reopening non-essential businesses that included bars, massage services and youth clubs. Texas became one of the first states in the country to begin reopening.

Fast forward to the present. COVID-19 infection cases and deaths have drastically soared, breaking state records repeatedly. On July 17 there were 14,916 new infection cases and 174 COVID19-related fatalities in one day. In Hidalgo County, ambulances have waited up to 10 hours to deliver patients to packed emergency rooms. Due to the reopening of bars, an explosion of COVID-19 infections in young adults in their 20s and 30s dramatically increased in the state, and 85 babies not yet 1 year old tested positive in Nueces County.

What was Gov. Abbott’s response to his failed “Strike Force”? He deploys five U.S. Navy teams to those communities most impacted by COVID-19. With names like “Strike Force” and the deployment of U.S. military, it seems like Gov. Abbott is taking a military war strategy against a virus rather than the recommended actions by most health experts, the implementation of effective social distancing.

Perhaps instead of creating a “Strike Force to reopen Texas,” Gov. Abbot should have created a qualified team to save Texan lives formed mostly by health experts.

Alan Padilla


Leaders compared

There are some minor differences between Jesus and President Trump, believe it or not. I will list three. Jesus walked on water, Trump drove his golf cart on wet grass. Jesus turned water into wine, Trump turned into McDonald’s. Jesus never read the Christian bible and neither has Trump.

Trump is an irresponsible president in American history. When asked about his actions on the virus, Trump said, “I don’t take responsibility at all.” He is definitely not another Harry Truman.

The West Africa Ebola epidemic, which lasted from 2014 to 2016, was the largest outbreak of the virus in history. Trump and the GOP demanded that President Obama be impeached because two people died from it in the USA. Under Trump there have been more than been 183,000 deaths. Some people think this great work and Trump deserves to be reelected.

With proper leadership, we would have very few cases in the USA, certainly not the 6 million cases we now have. The USA has about 4% of the world’s population, 27% of the world’s COVID-19 cases and 23% of the world’s deaths from it. That is caused by blaming, whining and passing the buck. IVs of bleach will not solve the problem. Science is the only way to solve the problem.

Obama took over an economy from George W. Bush that was in a major recession. With a lot of work and not blaming Bush, he turned the economy around and turned over a great streak of improvements to Trump. Look at what Trump has done with it. We have the worst economy since the Great Depression.

In support of Trump, Moscow Mitch McConnell wants the states to file bankruptcy. He is supporting the end of the U.S. Postal Service. What a nice guy.

Hank Shiver


Print money for workers

From Common Dreams: “Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell adjourned the U.S. Senate for the rest of August on (Aug. 13) after failing to come anywhere close to approving another COVID-19 relief package, leaving tens of millions of out-ofwork, hungry, and eviction-prone Americans without additional financial aid as the pandemic and economic crisis continue with no end in sight.

“‘During the worst economic crisis since the 1930s, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans think they can take a long vacation while millions of Americans face hunger and eviction. That is morally obscene,’ Sen. Bernie Sanders (IVt.) said in response to McConnell’s decision. ‘It’s time for the do-nothing Republican Senate to finally do its damn job.’” Millions of Americans are struggling to pay the rent/mortgage. Wall Street is bailed out with government-printed dollars. Modern monetary theory economics says working people and poor people — increasingly the same people — can be assisted by government-printed dollars too. MTT maintains that the government can print money to bolster the economy — without being inflationary — up to full employment. It works for Wall Street. Let’s try it for Main Street.

Let’s demand this corporatist government try helping small businesses, workers and the poor now!

Tom Laney


Doctor defended

This is in response to the letter by a Ms. Louise Butler published Aug. 14 Ms. Louise Butler, a retired teacher, waxes poetic about how a “Dr. Faust” has sold his soul because he “put a price” on human life. First of all, who in the world is Dr. Anthony Faust and what is this “Faustian bargain”? I think she made a mistake and misspelled Dr. Anthony Fauci’s name.

If she is referring to Dr. Fauci, she’s completely wrong about him. If anyone has made a bargain with human life it’s our government, from the federal level down to the local level. Our government opened the economy too soon, put profits over people, ignored the science and even touted an unproven magical “cure,” putting millions of lives at risk. Dr. Fauci has been the voice of reason by speaking out against reopening the economy too soon, urges us to stay at home, wear a mask, and keep 6 feet apart.

Ms. Butler makes religious references, but some Americans are so ignorant, they believe just about anything. Like that our leaders have our best interests in mind, or that science is the devil and God will cure us all through faith, or that a doctor has made a deal with the devil for personal gain.

The facts remain the same: Our government has failed us, this virus is not going anywhere, opening the economy too soon was a mistake, and sending children to school puts everyone at risk.

Don’t be fooled by ignorance. The reason we don’t put overpasses over train crossings is because we already have barriers and a loud ringing bell to deter us from attempting to cross when a train is coming. If that’s not enough to deter people from attempting to cross and thus risk being killed, then perhaps Charles Darwin should step in at that point and practice his theory.

Phillip Garcia


Editor’s note: The play on names is a reference to the popular legend of Dr. Faust, who sold his soul to the devil in return for the promise of great knowledge and influence.

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