LETTERS: Change needed in state capital; Don’t complain, do something; Trump blamed

Change needed in state capital

I want to applaud U.S. Rep. Vicente Gonzalez on his fine commentary about our Gov. Greg Abbott’s failure to the citizens of Texas. His actions in opening up the state to appeasements of Presidents Trump to open up the national economy too soon has cost the lives of so many Americans and Texans.

Now they want to open up the schools. If this action costs the lives of not only thousands or millions of innocent children and school personnel, could the president and governor be held accountable for crimes against America?

The governor is threatening to withhold state funding if the schools don’t open, and like his mentor Trump he then lies about it, saying he never said that. Yet the head of the teachers union called him out it; he had no choice but to confess.

This should be a wake-up call for my fellow Texans and Valley brothers and sisters. We need a change in our state government from the governor. How soon have we forgotten what the good governors Mark White and Ann Richards did for our state as Democratic governors and yes, even Republican Rick Perry. So go vote, and vote for the good of our great country and state of Texas.

Jesus Rodriguez


Don’t complain, do something

Racism is in the blood of the American people. It should not be so, being that we are a country “Under God” and “In (whom) We Trust.”

Racism gives rise to murder, discrimination, anger, unjust social systems and civil unrest. It is because American society is angry and fed up with racism that buildings get burned, stores get looted, people die and people get arrested. But make no mistake — the problem is racism. It is a form of hate. We cannot have this in America. It is below our dignity as a people and nation “under God.”

Americans who decry the protests, the burning of buildings and looting are looking at the evil results of racism. They are missing the point — racism is the point. Racism is an evil we need to excise and extract out of the heart of America. Now!

Don’t complain about the results of racism. Do something about it. Do your part, whatever it may be, to eradicate this evil out of the heart and bloodstream of America.

Stop complaining about burning buildings and looting. Those are the results of the evil of racism. Instead, start to be proactive against racism wherever you see it or find it in your sphere of influence.

Santos O. Gonzalez


Trump blamed

If President Trump had acted promptly to the COVID-19 pandemic we would be back to nearly normal, like much of Europe. Bars and restaurants, businesses, stores and gyms would be open. Children would be back in their classrooms for the much-needed in-person learning.

If we had had a lockdown mandated by the federal government from the beginning, we would have avoided thousands of deaths, much of the economic and job loss, evictions, increased homelessness, more people needing food stamps and relying on food banks and months of pandemic isolation. The second and a third economic package, which multiplied the national debt, might not have been needed.

Trump is personally responsible for thousands of deaths and for enormous unnecessary economic loss. His utter lack of leadership on COVID-19 borders on criminal. Do not allow him to win another term as president!

Martha Myrick Rogers


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