LETTERS: COVID data unacceptable

COVID data unacceptable

Americans are fighting a war against the COVID-19 virus. In this fight we have already lost more than 150,00 Americans and more than 5 million infected in only 6 months.

If this were a conflict against another country they would be unacceptable losses.

Yet President Trump still can’t come up with a plan to combat this pandemic. If he doesn’t come up with a plan to fight this pandemic, we will have 10 million to 14 million infected Americans by the end of the year.

Even worse, we could see a half-million deaths.

Never has America had such an ineffective president, who has refused to act for the good of this country.

How many more Americans need to succumb to this virus before the Republicans speak up and say enough?

Make you voice heard in this coming election. America needs a change. Go out and vote, and never again say your vote doesn’t count. Because our votes do matter.

So let your voice matter, and vote Trump out, so America will have a president for the people and not for himself.

Jesus Rodriguez


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