LETTERS: School orders threaten health; Winter Texan with concerns; Not beholden to any party; True colors found online

School orders threaten health

I don’t want to call our president ignorant, but I sure am having doubts.

Trump keeps telling the world we need the schools open now, no waiting around.

But, no testing at all for our kids or all the millions of staff it takes to run the schools and our teachers who have to get close to the kids in classrooms!

Why is he doing this to our kids? I can only speculate as to his motives and I think he is trying to reduce the unemployment numbers to improve his chances of reelection. That is a sorry leadership tactic at the expense of our kids.

We have five grandchildren in public schools as of this date and one child who is a teacher, who is being sacrificed at his altar of narcissism.

America needs a president who will put our kids’ welfare ahead of his selfish needs. We need tests for everyone in the schools now, not mañana. Test the kids and teachers with quick results once a week, quarantine those who test positive at once and maybe we can have classroom instruction for all year. If not we will see virtual education for the next year, if not permanently.

Bill Williams


Winter Texan with concerns

This is not directed to people who are sheltering in place, using social distancing and wearing masks, but it is for people who are not doing those things.

The Valley is known for people who live close to family and enjoy family gatherings. But do you enjoy making your family sick?

I heard the three Bs — beaches, bars and barbecues — are most responsible for the astronomic rise in cases of COVID-19 in Hidalgo County. It’s hard for all of us to put our social activities on hold, but we have to do it for the sake of our families. This is not a political issue but a health issue. How can anyone put the health of their own families at risk? Many Winter Texans, including me, consider the Valley their second home.

I want to return to the Valley. I miss the food, the warmth, and most of all the friendly people. But I am concerned that I may be putting my own health in jeopardy by returning.

I’m sure other Winter Texans are pondering what to do, too.

Winter Texans contribute greatly to the economy of the Valley.

Leaders of the Valley, take note and make it safe for us to return.

I want to come back.

We all want to come back. Please put a halt to the reckless behavior contributing to the rise of COVID-19 cases.

Only you can make this possible.

Juneal Reitan

Northome, Minn.

Not beholden to any party

In reference to The Monitor Commentary by Ruben Navarrette, “Latinos show their red, white & blue with Goya Boycott” on July 16: it’s evident that Navarrette, like the Democratic Party, simply expects Hispanic/Latino voters to blindly fall in line and vote Democrat.

Hispanics, and for that matter backs also, are not beholden or obligated to the Democratic Party!

Recently, Navarrette described Hispanic owned Goya foods CEO Robert Unanue as “tone-deaf” because he showed support for President Trump’s economic policies. Wow!

Truly remarkable that at this point in time a person can be punished, or “cancelled,” for just speaking positively about America’s president.

Navarrette says that Unanue “foolishly betrayed his customer base” by praising Trump.

But the notion that Goya’s customers, I’m sure majority Hispanics, have to be anti-Trump and pro-Democratic is in some sense prejudiced in itself.

Hispanics do not owe their allegiance to any political party.

Navarrette states that commendation came from some prominent Latinos including Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Democrat Julian Castro. These Latino Democrat politicians were calling for a boycott of Goya products. But why? Why do these prominent Hispanics despise Goya — simply for praising Trump?

How childish and petty.

Not very becoming of prominent politicians.

The boycott seemed to fail — Goya products are being sold out.

Joel Ramirez


True colors found online

If you ever want to see the Valley at its absolute worst, then mosey on over to virtually any Facebook news page that’s reporting on our death here in the RGV. Take a look at all the nice folks who are calling the disease an overblown hoax, the ones saying that doctors are faking the deaths to fit a narrative, or the macho men who will simply let their immune system do the work and don’t need a mask. Their names are right next to their comments because they are not afraid of showcasing their ignorance.

It used to make my blood boil. I thought to myself, “These people are going to regret it when the cases spike.”

No such luck; 1,000 of us are dead and these people shrug and say, “Of course it’s gonna kill someone with pre existing conditions,” while also telling us it’s not that serious.

But then again, people tell me not to take social media so seriously.

It’s not real life, they say. But I’d argue the opposite: The Valley’s real colors are right there on display: names, faces and all.

Chris Barrera


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