LETTERS: Trained police are a deterrent; Double standard; Unwanted plasticware

Trained police are a deterrent

It is very difficult for me to comprehend how some can so readily call for defunding the police, dismantle Immigration and Customs Enforcement and do away with the Border Patrol. Can’t we understand that the reason we enjoy all the freedoms we cherish is because we have well-trained police, Border Patrol, ICE and highly trained military?

The police are constantly reporting and assisting wherever and whenever an emergency occurs, but the major benefit we have with a well-trained police force is not visible to the naked eye. The mere fact that they exist and are constantly looking out for our well being is a great deterrent as criminals know that there is a high possibility that if they commit a crime they will have to deal with the law.

By the same token, our global enemies refrain from attacking our country because they know that we have a powerful military that is ready to confront any and all who dare attack us.

My point is clear. The city, county and state police, the Border Patrol, ICE and our military confront and take control of a tremendous amount of “disturbances” in our cities, counties, states and our country. But I strongly feel that their biggest contribution to our peace and our peace of mind is that they are there and those who would harm us know it.

Leaving a city without a police force is like leaving a school classroom full of students without a teacher.

José C. Coronado


Double standard

The pandemic has brought an indescribable amount of pain and grief to many Rio Grande Valley citizens who have lost loved ones as a result of the COVID-19 virus, me included. The fact that we could not hold a loved one who was in a nursing home or hospital to assist in their death added more suffering to an already difficult time. The fact that we could not celebrate their lives with friends and families goes against our cultural belief of “cumplir” — fulfill our obligations. The fact that we could not accompany friends and families to the final resting places was heartbreaking. We respected the safety guidelines put in place by our government by social distancing and wearing masks at the funeral home and cemetery because that was what was asked of us “for the greater good”.

At the funeral of John Lewis, the Democrat U.S. representative from Georgia, social distancing was not enforced. Masks were not worn by he speakers as they spoke and the attendees were not required to quarantine for two weeks.

The funeral service was a great example of the elite Democrats, whose motto is “Do as I say, not as I do.” There are double standards for us and the elite Democrats. Remember that when you vote in November.

Ileana Vicinaiz


Unwanted plasticware

I’m caught between COVID, my commitment to protecting the environment, my desire to support local restaurants and a growing mountain of plastic cutlery, straws, packets of ketchup, soy sauce, relish and napkins.

Since the lockdown began, I’ve been ordering take out via Uber Eats, DoorDash and Favor to help keep restaurants afloat, flatten the curve and get a break from cooking. Unfortunately, each meal arrives at my home with a bunch of singleuse plastic utensils, condiments and napkins. These unwanted items are not recyclable and will be either burned or buried if I throw them in the trash.

Rather than keeping the status quo in which including providing all of these items is the default setting, these companies can change their systems to make no single-use additions the default setting for orders. In fact, Uber Eats has already done it!

Martha Rogers


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