LETTERS: President not racist; Practice care picking media; Rigged system; Don’t blame the president

President not racist

Recently President Donald Trump met with the family of Vanessa Guillen in the Oval Office of the White House to express his condolences over Miss Guillen’s tragic death. The whole country mourns with the family to be sure.

President Trump graciously offered to personally pay for the funeral expenses. That is a most compassionate and generous act as could be extended from a president, a father and a gentleman. I say that because of some of the hateful rhetoric used to describe President Trump. “Racist” comes to mind.

A racist wouldn’t meet with the family, much less offer to pay for the funeral expenses, of a person with different skin color/race/ethnicity from their own. President Trump is not a racist.

Eduardo Estrada


Practice care picking media

I’m not going to cite the writer, but I read a letter to The Monitor recently accusing it of “leaning too much to the left,” with a subsequent editor’s note saying they publish every letter they receive so long as it doesn’t violate their terms.

There are people who, no matter what media they consume, identify with their political affiliations and therefore want to consume the content they agree with, and nothing else. If they read something they don’t agree with, they chide the source.

Well, we must be careful with what we consume, obviously.

Just like we are careful about what we eat, we need to be careful about what media we consume, and it’s obvious some people need to be on a serious diet.

If a person is going to accuse a newspaper of impartiality, then I think we’ve hit a new low in society. Many times over, Donald Trump has blamed news outlets, whether print or on TV, saying they are “lamestream” and they are the enemy of the people. He sows discord in the very trusted sources we’ve had for decades that we use for information.

This person who accuses The Monitor of leaning left is no different. It’s no surprise that at the end of his letter he quotes Fox News’ slogan: “fair and balanced.” I almost spewed my coffee.

He wants The Monitor to publish articles written by conservatives like Ted Cruz, which is odd because I don’t know of any such articles. He has done nothing to help Texans except embarrass himself in front of the world, like boarding a flight without wearing a mask.

Please let us keep The Monitor as is. It is a great resource and should be lauded for its achievements and impartial coverage.

Phil Garcia


Rigged system

Did you notice back in May and June of this year how the car insurance companies were advertising on TV how much they wanted to give you back a 10% or 20% discount on current and new customer auto insurance policies? Question: Why would they give back money? It’s because people were beginning to complain that fewer people were going to work or traveling because of COVID-19 and layoffs, and there were fewer auto accidents and other insurance claims filed, so the insurance companies decided to give back some of the profits or take a chance in getting sued. Its a form of “trickle up” economics.

Here is my question: Why can’t we get money back from the TV cable and satellite companies for giving us lousy TV reruns, missing sports and useless TV shows? Why can’t we get money back from health insurance policies? We are paying full premium prices, yet the majority of people have stopped going to see doctors and having surgeries done because of fear of COVID-19.

I have also noticed certain grocery store items shrinking in size and the price staying the same and in some cases the price is going up. I also noticed that when the price of oil dropped to below zero dollars per barrel in April of this year, it was not reflected in gasoline prices at the pump and there was no change in prices of oil quarts on the store shelves.

These are very common business practices: The economy system is rigged and loaded with monopolies and liars, cheats, thieves and con artists.

The real problem is that there are too many people in this country who have been conditioned to be obedient and docile to big business tricks and schemes. Our middle class is shrinking and getting more stressed out.

I don’t know what the future is, but I’m willing to bet it’s not good for our country.

Tomas Cantu


Don’t blame the president

A recent letter criticized the president and blamed him for the virus. This is what Democrats always do, blame somebody else when something goes wrong.

The writer should study up before making such racist comments. The president isn’t to blame for the virus, China is.

Furthermore, the president doesn’t control what rules are put in place for COVID-19; the governors of each state are. That was clearly delegated by Congress from the jump.

If people like Nancy Pelosi think the president is doing such a terrible job, why hasn’t she told us what she would have done differently, along with the liberal Monitor paper, CBS, CNN, ABC and NBC, all fake news?

Bill Rouillier


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