LETTERS: Fiscal issues; Wi-Fi plans questioned; Liberals keep COVID alive

Fiscal issues

Flabbergasted is hardly the word to describe this feeling I had this morning when I read The Monitor’s July 28 news article about the National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien testing positive for COVID-19.

If President Trump is not seeing or listening to people to whom we are paying big bucks for their knowledge, then he should eliminate the cost to us taxpayers, just like he did when he eliminated the pandemic preparedness force in 2018, saying it didn’t warrant the cost to taxpayers. Kind of like he knows everything.

Another area where he can cut costs: the fellow in Florida who got a $4 million loan or gift to pay his employees during this pandemic, and went out and bought a $318,000 Lamborghini. This guy had a negative $30,000 business account before he got the federal money from us taxpayers. He should be put in jail and the key should be thrown away!

Why does this keep happening under Trump’s rule?

Bill Williams


Wi-Fi plans questioned

I smell a rat! Why is the Donna School District spending $3.7 million to set up Wi-Fi hot spots. Donna schools have a rich history of mismanagement and legal woes caused by past superintendents and former school board members and in the past have been placed under the supervision of the Texas Education Agency for, according to a 2018 Monitor news article, a “lack of internal controls to allow the board of trustees to comply with the requirements of the state law,” according to a letter sent to the district in 2017 and signed by A.J. Crabill, deputy commissioner of governance at TEA.

It seems this extravagant expense for these towers needs to be scrutinized and justified. I have seen no other schools in the Valley do this, so why are Donna schools undertaking this venture?

Donna taxpayers should be apprised of this and question whether there are cheaper options. Spectrum and AT& T, two major Wi-Fi and internet providers, probably could provide that service at a lesser cost, especially due to the fact that the proposed towers will require maintenance that will drive up the cost even more.

No, the infrastructure exists in Donna. Why are Donna schools re-inventing the wheel at the taxpayers’ expense? The COVID pandemic has given cities and school districts in the Valley license to play fast and loose with the taxpayers’ money, but what else is new? They spend like the well will never go dry.

This pandemic will not last forever, so how do you justify spending millions on a temporary situation? Students will eventually return to the classroom and those towers will become useless.

Save the Donna taxpayers money. This is not the time for frivolous expenses.

Jake Longoria


Liberals keep COVID alive

The anti-Trump people, who I believe are conducting or influencing the “COVID containment program,” do not want our epidemic to end in my opinion. I think they want our shutdowns to continue and don’t care if Americans die needlessly. I believe they have an alternative motive for making our coronavirus epidemic continue longer. They want it to continue to Nov. 3 so they can blame it on President Trump and defeat him in the election.

A great many of our gullible, uninformed Americans will believe them. They are destroying our economy and we “lemming” citizens are permitting it by doing what they want.

They have been so successful that I have my doubts if America can ever recover. Sadly, today I can envision a future America being just another failed socialist state, and our grandchildren and future generations will never know what we have stolen from them.

When I was a young man I could not have ever conceived of having these negative thoughts about America like I am having today. I am so suspicious of these American Marxists that it wouldn’t surprise me to find out they coordinated with their Chinese Marxist brothers and sisters to intentionally release what I suspect is a manmade virus on America. But we patriots will never surrender to the “counterculture.”

I do find it interesting that Europe’s semi-Socialist Sweden refused to follow the orders of “Big Brother.” They did not lockdown their economy. They only asked the elderly and sick to isolate themselves. Sweden knows that lockdowns can only slow down the rate of infection. Lockdowns do not reduce the number required to reach herd immunity. Lockdowns only serve to increase the amount of time the coronavirus lingers. Today Sweden has the most successful economy in Europe.

Darrell Williams Sr.


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