LETTERS: Deadly defiance; Democrat gets a pass

Deadly defiance

How many people have to die before the reality of our dire situation hits home? Home to you, the people who insist on defying rules that are meant to save your lives and the lives of those you come in contact with — the lives of those you love — our own lives? Do you really want to see your parent, your grandparent, your sibling or your child lying in an ICU bed on a respirator because they can’t breathe on their own? Do you realize that other than the selfless healthcare workers surrounding them they are entirely alone, and if they die, they will do that entirely alone? You can’t be with them, despite how guilty you might then feel for possibly infecting them in the first place! Do you really want to be that patient, dying alone?

This virus doesn’t care; it doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t choose who will live or die. Believe it or not, you choose that fate — you who attend parties and gatherings, go to bars not caring about the consequences. You pick up this deadly menace and bring it home to whomever you might come in contact with. You, the people who do not follow the simple procedures to protect yourselves and others. Or you, who finally decide to wear a mask, wash your hands, socially distance yourselves and not play Russian roulette with others’ lives for the sake of a party, a fun time or a drink!

Recently I was in a store where I saw two teens not wearing masks. I said, politely, “You know, you should have masks on.” They responded with a smirk, a giggle and then by pulling the necks of their T-shirts up over their noses as they exited the store, laughing.

Is this what this world has come to? Where does this blatant defiance of procedures intended for the wellbeing of the general public come from? Have we devolved into that kind of society?

Medical officials have predicted 200,000 deaths by October — 200,000 innocent souls lost! How many must die before this menace is taken seriously?

I pray that people open their eyes before those eyes can no longer see anything but the inside of a coffin, or even worse — a box in a refrigerated truck in a hospital parking lot along with all the others who weren’t lucky enough to survive this horror.

I pray for an awakening, but I personally don’t see a whole lot showing me otherwise.

Michele Watterworth


Democrat gets a pass

It’s incredible how the biased media have already swept the Tara Reade sexual misconduct story under the proverbial carpet.

If she had made the same allegations against the president or a top Republican, it would have been front-page news and garnered more attention than the COVID-19 pandemic. No, Joe Biden got a free pass from the media and the “Me Too” movement. I guess Ms. Reade’s claims were not as valid as those made by the women who assailed President Trump and Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch during his confirmation. She was not even called to testify before Congress like all the other ladies who had their two days of fame.

It just goes to show the double standard in Washington. The late Ross Perot claimed that Americans would hear “a giant sucking sound” of jobs leaving the United States because of the North American Free Trade Agreement. He was proven correct and he opposed it.

The American public will hear that sound once again in November as the wind goes out of the sails of the Democratic Party for nominating Joe Biden, a 40-plusyear veteran of Washington politics who succeeded only in enriching his family at the expense of the American taxpayer.

Jake Longoria


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