LETTERS: Experts needed during briefings

Experts needed during briefings

Holding COVID-19 briefings without experts is not a good strategic decision if Mr. Trump wants to send the message that he is in control of this pandemic.

This is like Mr. Trump holding Boeing briefings after a plane accident without individuals who have the expertise to explain the mechanical reasons for that accident. In both cases, Mr. Trump would actually show that he is in control of the situation (COVID-19 or a Boeing plane accident) by allowing the experts to lead the briefings under his guidelines in his role of president of the United States.

A different approach in this context would lead to the following question in the mind of people concerned about the event: Why does Mr. Trump not allow the experts on the subject matter to take the lead? This is the question Mr. Trump wants to avoid, because it is a very difficult question to answer.

Mr. Trump said that briefings without health experts are a “concise way of doing it.” This is not, of course, a good response to that question because it is too general in the mind of people worried about this pandemic.

Freddy Paniagua


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