GARDEN VIEW: Online Master Gardener Training to begin in September

Texas A& M AgriLife Extension Service and the Texas Master Gardener Association are excited to bring a new online training format to interested gardeners around the state.

Locally the Hidalgo County Master Gardener Association and the Cameron County Master Gardener Association will be piloting this new combination of online and face to face training which we hope will allow us to reach a broader audience.

While we have always promoted the many benefits of gardening it has clearly grown in popularity over the past several months. After much uncertainty we are thrilled to be able to host a Master Gardener Volunteer Training for 2020 after all.

If you are not familiar with the Master Gardeners, they are a volunteer group that is organized and supported by Texas A& M AgriLife Extension.

After completing the training course and meeting all requirements for certification – Master Gardeners then work with AgriLife Extension to help education the community on gardening related topics.

This online training provides us the opportunity to reach two different audiences. Those who just want some reliable gardening information and those who want to become certified Texas Master Gardener Volunteers.

So here’s what’s different:

>> Most of the training will be done online. Specialists from around the state will provide weekly presentations on a variety of gardening topics. These presentations will be supplemented with online gardening modules and live Q& A after each presentation.

>> All online presentations will be recorded, and participants will have up to 1 year to view all content. This allows more flexibility for those who work during the day but still want to participate.

>> If you just want to brush up on your gardening knowledge and engage with like minded people across the state, then this first portion of the training is for you. You are not committed to become a volunteer and the training is pretty much self-paced.

Live online classes will be held every Thursday from Sept. 3 to Nov. 5, but recordings can be viewed at any time.

Interested in more?

Become a certified Texas Master Gardener Volunteer by adding an additional 20 hours of hands-on workshops, face to face portion of the training.

An additional 20 hours of training with hands on workshops, private tours, Texas Master Gardener Handbook and local expert training.

For more details on registration, application process, prices and course content please contact your local County Extension Office at (956) 383–1026 for Hidalgo and (956) 361-8236 for Cameron.

Ashley Gregory is the Horticulturalist for Hidalgo County with Texas A& M AgriLife Extension Service. She can be reached at the Hidalgo County Extension Office at (956) 383-1026 or by email at