LETTERS: Better COVID testing needed; Universal tests needed; Causes of unrest

Better COVID testing needed

I spoke with a good friend who is a pediatrician in Brownsville. He says it is a constant battle to get enough tests for his patients. Current sources are Quest, which is paid for by CARE act but takes more than a week to get results, thus often negating quick action on isolating and quarantining infected patients.

The second source is a 15-minute test, but costs $120 out of pocket.

Multiply his issue times a thousand-plus doctors Valleywide and “Houston, we’ve got a problem.”

Perhaps a dull topic but vital information for voters to have.

Robert Ramirez


Universal tests needed

I can’t understand what is happening in America during this pandemic. My understanding is, the only way to contain the COVID-19 bug is to not let it travel from one person to another.

Now how do we do this all over the country? It is very simple. Test everyone in America and get the results immediately. If a person tests positive, quarantine this person for the 14 days or whatever it takes, so that they don’t pass the virus on to others. Contact trace at once. Testing is the only way to get this result!

The federal government has this duty and only the federal government. Everyone in power has taken an oath to protect America and they should live up to their duty or get out of government. This means the president and all of his administration.

The president has the power given to him by law to mobilize manufacturers to ensure we have supplies all over the country to test and analyze these tests. Without this we are doomed to keep repeating this idiotic process we are going throughout the country of up one day and down the next.

This has transcended politics; we are in a life-and-death situation now.

Bill Williams


Causes of unrest

Riots and protests are caused mostly by economic and political issues, problems and bad leadership. You can say the political system has its head in the sand like an ostrich, you can say capitalism is dying, you can say the super-rich have too much power and control over the economy and politicians and you can say it’s time for a change and I believe all of the above is true.

There many different reasons why we are having protests and riots. Most of the current protesters are doing it for a good cause.

Some parts of the riots and protests can be blamed on criminals, far-right and far-left groups, Russia, Facebook, Twitter bots, lazy American voters who don’t vote and selfish people who don’t care about this county.

People are protesting because there’s something wrong with the economic, political and social fabric of this country, just like when a baby cries (protests). The baby cries because it’s tired, hungry, in pain or in need of love and attention. The same can be said for the protesters.

Keep in mind that protests and revolution are what helped created this country. Protesting is written in and allowed in the U.S. Constitution.

If you want to get involved, then I suggest you take some self-educating classes online first. Research what caused the American-British revolution of 1776, the American Civil war of 1861, the French Revolution of 1790, the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Chinese revolution of 1949, etc., and compare those to what’s currently going on in this country.

I am for peaceful economic, political and social change and not for violent revolution change.

Please do your own research online, question everything and research all that you can.

Tomas Cantu

Concepcion, Texas

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