LETTERS: County judge draws thanks; Warming not recent; Party unfit

County judge draws thanks

As citizens of Hidalgo County and having known our County Judge, Richard F. Cortez for many years, we would like to express our gratitude to him for everything he is doing in regard to our health crisis and well being of our citizens.

We are thankful to him for taking time from his busy schedule to keep us informed of this terrible virus that has touched the lives of many of our residents.

We thank him and appreciate all that he is doing for the citizens of this area.

We pray to God that he stay healthy and continue doing what is best for the majority of the citizens of Hidalgo County.

Homero and Gloria Garcia


Warming not recent

Before we enact extreme measures to combat global warming, please observe some facts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Since records have been kept the record high temperatures in 36 states all occurred before 1960; 23 were in the 1930, eight were before 1930.

The only record high in the 21st century was 113 degrees in Columbia, S.C., on June 29, 2012.

Robert Welz


Party unfit

The Republican Party is unfit to govern. We have watched the ability to govern, even the motivation to govern, shrink under a president who cares most to golf and watch TV, and a Republican administration and Senate that enable this president to engage in behavior becoming more serious and not in the interests of Americans he has sworn to govern within the law.

The reasons above should be enough to support this argument but in the last three years, almost four, there is so much more that the media can hardly contain the volume of burgeoning dangers to the nation’s security, health and welfare.

Two Republican senators are gone because they stood up and spoke out. Trump used the power of his office to rid himself of two men who told the truth. As a result an even greater silence fell on the Senate. None will speak even now in fear of a tweet from Trump (or a basketful). That is a pathetic situation.

Trump has used his office to destroy career government employees for doing their jobs, like picking off ducks at a firing range at a carnival. Yet nothing but silence from the Republican side of the Senate.

Early in his administration, at the border Trump separated children of all ages from their parents, especially babies and toddlers and put them in cages. Psychologists have spoken out about the inherent danger to a child’s feelings of abandonment and the scarring of such an experience. At this writing children are still being separated from their parents. Any official Republican spokesperson on this horrendous practice? Silence.

Now we are faced with a pandemic that has paralyzed the country. Trump and his fellow Republicans have ignored the facts and quibble over testing and mortality rates like a group of old people around a cracker barrel talking about the weather.

In this already frightful climate, federal “police” have been sent to Portland to gas peaceful protestors and whisk them away in unmarked vans. Trump has threatened to do this again; perhaps our city will be next. This is the behavior of dictators. He speaks of freedom to not wear a mask while people die of infection, but there is no shred of freedom when civil rights are taken away from Americans in America.

Republicans enable a president who has obliterated every norm and his oath of office. Republicans in office do not serve. They take up dangerous space in silence.

Shirley A. Rickett


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