LETTERS: Trump backers draw criticism; Restrict content; President criticized; Owing nothing

Trump backers draw criticism

I could pen much about your published opinions about Donald Trump’s report card as U.S. president. In short, assessments of his performance by any favorable metric is delusional at best and outright pathetic at worst.

Donald Trump is a disgusting, repulsive human being with thousands of deaths attributed to his well-established leadership deficits. I suggest people step and take note of the daily conditions of social poverty, social unrest and social inequities that abound throughout the nation.

Mr. Trump is not the total cause or total solution to this gravely diminished national well being, but he relishes in the chaos that he and those who resist any real quest for systemic change for the betterment of all American citizens and those desirous of nationalization can cause.

The Electoral College is a tool for uninterrupted oppression by a few against the many. As long as it preserves, shields and advances a sense of entitlement and privilege, it works for certain people.

Donald Trump, as has been affirmed by his niece, is a lawless, heartless bigot who has no compassion for the health and well being of a family member — why should we expect him to show empathy and compassion for a suffering nation?

His arrogance is used to camouflage his ignorance.

If his supporters want to know why this nation is in peril, they should look into a mirror and say hello to their own worst enemies and one of America’s most dangerous and misinformed minds.

Ray Howard Sr.


Restrict content

Anyone can observe that The Monitor leans way left! However, it’s refreshing the Coronados’ and Jake Longoria’s letters. The majority of articles in the Opinion section, and throughout the paper, are generally anti-conservative, anti-Trump, anti-Republican. So, sadly, I wasn’t at all surprised that The Monitor gave writer Agripina Gomez (“Defend families, defund police”) a very large platform from where to push the leftist Democratic agenda of eliminating law enforcement.

Daily, the police prevent robberies, kidnappings, murder, theft, assaults, drug offenses and I’m sure many more illegal and heinous activities. Their unselfish and self-sacrificing motivations are to keep the general public safe!

Who will answer the call when you are in danger? How do you feel now that just a couple of days after your sad display of activism, two honorable police officers were murdered in McAllen? They were ambushed answering a domestic abuse call.

These peacekeepers were on the way to provide safety and security for someone in need of such. Whom can you call if you defund the police and severely limit their abilities?

The writer even calls for defunding Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement! Another Democratic platform: no borders and unlimited illegal immigration.

How can the U.S survive under these liberal/ Democratic agendas? Editors, instead of being consistently lopsided, it might be a better format for The Monitor and for your readers if you can provide opposing political viewpoints on current topics. Maybe you can print some articles written by Republican conservative Hispanics like Ted Cruz, Rachel Campos-Duffy or even local Monica dela Cruz Hernandez. How about Republican conservative Blacks like Thomas Sowell, Candance Owens or Larry Elder? It might make you more, to borrow Fox News’s motto, “fair and balanced.”

Joel Ramirez


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President criticized

I’ve been reading some of the letters to The Monitor. It’s funny how they see the glass full when it comes to Donald Trump.

They claim he needs or deserves to be reelected. Yet after more than 3 million Americans have been infected and 130,000 have already passed away from COVID-19, Trump’s administration still has not come out with a plan to fight this pandemic.

So I ask the Trump Loyalists: Will you be sending your children or grandchildren to attend in person this coming school year public school like Trump ordered?

He has turned a blind eye to this pandemic and claimed it was a hoax.

When America looked for a leader to face this pandemic, we got a deer-frozen-staring-in-the-headlights, confused person who didn’t know what to do.

Never in my lifetime did I think I’d see America leaderless. Funny how Trump calls Biden “Sleepy Joe” when in reality he has been asleep on the job since COVID-19 gripped America.

America, go out and vote, and vote this idiot out of office.

Jesus Rodriguez


Owing nothing

At the risk of repeating myself, I’ll ask again. Why should a person who has never owned a slave pay reparation to a person who has never been a slave?

José C. Coronado


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