LETTERS: Don’t rely on officials; Racism seen in response; Open schools in Mission; Clinton won popular vote

Don’t rely on officials

It seems like our leaders have failed us. Lately there’s been a lot of talk about how governments tend to fail, that this is nothing new.

I guess in my experience my government has never failed as it has recently.

The scale of which the failure reaches goes far beyond not stopping the spread of COVID-19, but also a failure to provide leadership, guidance, honesty, and hope.

Govs. Greg Abbott of Texas, Brian Porter Kemp of Georgia and Ron DeSantis of Florida have all failed in this respect.

One is eating his words from a few months ago and is embarrassingly backtracking his steps, another is going against the science and even his own mayors by making it illegal to impose rules to wear a mask, and the last is lying his pants off about infection rates, negates science, and openly doesn’t care about people dying.

This is a problem, and as an optimist I’d like to provide a solution. Instead of relying on leaders to lead us, why not lead ourselves?

If you don’t think wearing a mask stops the spread of COVID-19 that’s on you; you obviously failed to even lead yourself when you come out positive.

But if you read, listen and in some cases watch the scientific experts about how you can stop the spread, and protect yourselves and your loved ones, you will take the lead and wear a mask, social distance and stay at home as much as possible.

This isn’t a political issue, nor is it about your freedoms or my rights.

It’s about taking the lead at a time when our leaders have failed and making the right decision.

To do the right thing in the face of danger.

Phil Garcia


Racism seen in response

Demographers project that people of color will become a majority in the U.S. around 2045.

The U.S. Census Bureau projected that by mid-2020, nonwhites would account for the majority of the country’s children.

Is it a coincidence that here we are, in mid-2020, a pandemic is masskilling Latinos and African Americans in the U.S. at twice the rate as whites (in some state the disparity is higher), but the federal government and many state governors are pushing to open schools and businesses without concern for human life?

President Donald Trump threatened to defund states that do not send their children to school full time. As some universities prepared to switch to online-only classes, Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced that international students enrolled in those universities would have to leave the country or be deported.

In Texas, a state where the Hispanic population is projected to soon surpass non-Hispanic whites, Gov. Greg Abbott prematurely opened non-essential businesses, which caused a huge spike in COVID-19 cases. At Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen (75% Hispanic population), dead bodies are being shoved into a grocery store refrigerator trailer because the morgue is at full capacity.

Should it be any surprise that the father of President Donald Trump, Fred Trump, was arrested for refusing to disperse at a KKK parade?

Is it a surprise that the U.S. president referred to some of the tiki torchbearing white supremacists rallying in Charlottesville in 2017 as being “very fine people”?

The federal government has bailed out multibilliondollar corporations many times; can they not shut everything down and bail out its citizens? Are we not worth it, or are we just frozen produce in the back of an H-E-B trailer?

Alan Padilla


Open schools in Mission

The Mission school district has a process in place for in-person teaching.

The district should be allowed to open in August as planned because essential employees like providers, city employees, first responders, etc., need to be at work all day and cannot teach their children at home.

I am elderly and need a provider. She cannot teach her kids while taking care of me. There are other elderly individuals who also need this help while their families work.

No one has addressed this critical issue. Even if kids go to daycare, who will instruct them? Daycares are not equipped to teach students given that there are too many variable factors like varying grade levels and district requirements.

Daycare workers are not certified teachers.

Who has answers? I need them addressed now.

Dorothy Prukop


Clinton won popular vote

I read Dan Martinez’s letter printed July 16. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in 2016. Period. It doesn’t matter where they came from. She won the popular vote by more than 2 million votes. Whether those votes came from some corner in North California or some corner in Hidalgo County doesn’t matter.

She won the popular vote. I don’t know why people try and explain it away. Martinez writes about “land-locked states; the vast majority of the states are land-locked.

He ends his letter saying Trump should be reelected. Why? So he can continue with his immature, incoherent tweets on a daily basis? So he can keep writing “love letters” to Kim Jung Un? So he can keep building a wall in Colorado to keep illegals out?

I could go on, but some people will vote for the guy regardless of the obvious.

Mike Martinez


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