COMMENTARY: Defending the indefensible

I was flabbergasted by a letter to the editor that appeared on July 17 titled “Trump defended by Auston B. Cron, that asserted that President Trump deserves a second term.

The problem is not the president, the Electoral College, Mrs. Clinton, never-Trumpers (American patriots?), or even the George Floyd or COVID19 “catalysts” Mr. Cron blames for the chaos in our nation. The problem, is individuals who refuse to hear and see the incompetence, the ineptitude, or acknowledge the systemic attempt to shred our Constitution and defile the legacy of hope and faith that men and women have died for on battlefields across the globe, and that ordinary people of every type and creed across this majestic land have sacrificed for with their blood, their sweat and their tears.

With the deteriorating and diminishing separation of powers between the legislative and executive branches, the politicization of the judiciary and the derisive and hatefilled rhetoric spewing from the president’s mouth and through his Twitter account, do people honestly believe that our republic can endure and prevail after another four years of Trump?

It has taken the blood and toil of fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, and even children of each generation since the inception of our republic to feed and sustain the ever-evolving heart and soul of our republic. Let us not dare attempt to tear down the very foundation of our American Dream through a failure to acknowledge Trump’s simple-mindedness, his recklessness, his crudeness and gaucherie, his imprudence, and I could go on and on. And some have the audacity to say Mr. Trump deserves a second term.

Mr. Cron also states that the “unconscionable murder of George Floyd and the riots and looting have nothing to do with” the defense of his argument. He then takes on our military by stating that “the negative commentary from former military officers against Mr. Trump are never-Trumpers who desire the implementation of the New World Order …,” and that they “may even implement Shariah-style laws and regulations.” He further cites “evidence on the internet that the riots and looting are a result of years of planning by radical liberal groups just waiting for any excuse, and that these people, these situations, these conspiracy theories are “the catalyst for this chaos” that we find ourselves in today. Mr. Cron, how wrong, and how dangerous you are.

The coup de grâce of his letter was his statement that “Mr. Trump has done more for the poor of the nation than Johnson’s War on Poverty and the Civil Rights Act of 1964,” and that he has “implemented many of MLK’s ideals against racism, including moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, … refrained from escalating a war with Iran, has obtained more responsible trade agreements and ended many government regulations that hindered small business people.”

I see the shattered and traumatized state of our nation because of lack of leadership and stewardship.

I hear press secretary Kayleigh McEnany saying during a news conference at the White House that “Science should not stand in the way of” schools fully reopening. I guess truth and facts should not stand in the way of all the lies, all the disinformation, all the misinformation, the deceit and the utter corruption that that defined and characterized Trump’s presidency.

Trump and his supporters show contempt for our nation and for the men and women who sacrificed their lives for this president’s right to kneel on their memory and take their breath away with misplaced patriotism, at the very moment our republic cries out for a breath of leadership.

Al Garcia lives in Palm Valley.