LETTERS: Support officials; Don’t blame the governor; Discrepancies noted in article; We know Trump; Don’t pressure our children; Teachers in anguish

Support officials

There are excellent decisions being made concerning COVID-19 at the county, city and ISD levels here in the Valley; not so much at the state and federal levels.

In the absence of state and federal leadership our local judges and mayors have stepped to the forefront of the battle for health over ka-ching. Support them!

Ned Sheats


Don’t blame the governor

It is easy to blame the governor for the spike in coronavirus cases.

Critics argue he opened the state up too soon.

The governor and other elected officials are not the problem. They have repeatedly given the public guidelines to reduce the chances of getting the virus. As a result of observing people around the county, I can assure you the problem lies in people not following guidelines.

My observation is that too many people are not practicing social distancing, do not wear face masks, and are still socializing in large groups. People need to take personal responsibility and not use this as a time to politicize.

Dayna Austin


Discrepancies noted in article

I recently received a Monitor clipping dated July12 of a lecture by Cynthia Orozco based on her book “Agent of Change: Adela Sloss-Vento.” I am happy that she is continuing my work on Adela Sloss-Vento; I have known her since she was an undergraduate student at UTAustin when I was the first director of Mexican American studies.

I feel I have to point out a few discrepancies in the article: (1) It is not the first comprehensive biography on Adela Sloss-Vento; that was my book in 2017 by Hamilton Books (Adela Sloss-Vento: Writer, Political Activist and Civil Rights Pioneer, 237 pp). (2) While a technical point, Adela’s graduation in 1927 is not specifically from PSJA; Alamo had yet to be included in the school district consolidation. (3) While the Valley Morning Star and The Brownsville Herald are mentioned, The Monitor became one of her favorite papers to underscore important civil rights issues via Letters to the Editor and later the People’s Voice as seen in the Forties, particularly after FDR became president.

Nonetheless, there is a short article in The Monitor circa 1943 announcing the formation of Adela’s Citizens Political Club, an educational and political organization stressing citizen responsibility and the importance of participating in elections, both local, state and federal levels. (4) The clipping states that Adela Sloss-Vento became a jail matron in 1959, accompanying her husband who was a jailer. The date should be 1952 and her husband had already been promoted since 1947 to chief jailer (now warden in prisons) at the Hidalgo County Jail.

Later, all Valley newspapers, including The Monitor, ran an article regarding Pete Vento’s assignment to U.S. marshal.

Please make these corrections at your earliest convenience.

Arnoldo Carlos Vento


We know Trump

It was said of JFK, “Johnny, we hardly knew ye.” Today’s difference is that we have known way too much about Donald J. Trump from Day 1, more than we ever wanted to know or invited into our lives, and he will be the most surprised of anybody when he realizes how soon and fast the country will completely wipe out all memory of him.

Since that escalator descent and initial shock of his racism, it has been a daily barrage of jaw-dropping incredulity for us. We’ve been through all stages of: Let’s understand him; let’s see him grow and change; let’s see the wider world open his awareness and his heart. And we who knew who and what he was from Day 1 launched into the daily game of Ain’t-It-Awful, trading his latest verbal atrocity and diagnoses, and just attacking.

What kind of person would insult Gold Star parents, veterans in general, and any people of integrity, honor, accomplishments, dragging down anybody whom he looks bad next to? Nothing worked against him because there was no need to be complicated — just no norms, all publicity stunts, and cutthroat tactics. But we are pulling out of this morass and he will be gone. Even his diehard supporters will eventually be rid of him and will be as happy as everybody else.

Both parties used to sort of believe what each said it stood for and what the other one was about. Well, the Republican Party has forfeited absolutely all pretense it has ever claimed to patriotism, veterans support, family values, pro-life, small government, character-matters, and all moral equities.

I don’t care about polls, strategies to fight him or what character assassinations he will unleash. But most of all, I won’t count on his losing in November.

John Garza


Don’t pressure our children

We believe in God and traditional values. Please stop trying to indoctrinate our children and our society.

May God give you wisdom.

Lou Harlin


Teachers in anguish

I realize you must be getting more than enough emails about schools reopening. I have not yet seen anything about the fear our teachers who are heads of households are feeling. They anguish at the though of what will happen to their children.

We have so very many teachers who are single parents! There are so many who were told or will be told shortly that if they can’t go back they can quit. How?

Why are they being placed is such positions? They already fear for their children’s health as all parents do, but this is another, totally different, ballgame.

I have a friend who’s a teacher and she just lost her husband to COVID-19. Why does she have to go through more mental anguish?

Please, please, please, advocate for them! I too am an educator, but I’m not asking anyone to advocate for me; single parents need help. Please.

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