LETTERS: Time for spanking; Police deaths spur comment; Hurricane vs. virus; Women now being heard; Bad threat on schools; Seguin troops long forgotten

Time for spanking

Leftist liberals are like bleary-eyed children on Christmas Eve, knuckling their eyes and trying to stay awake in the hope of catching Santa.

Every year they fail, so Christmas morning they tear asunder each beautifully wrapped gift, and take apart every present to see how it works.

They won’t listen, and refuse to understand.

It’s time, I think, to break out the spanking paddles.

Ruth Sheehy


Police deaths spur comment

This month two dedicated police officers were murdered while serving our community and protecting us. The “defund the police” supporters should take a hard look at what they are supporting.

Unlike a recent career criminal, they will not be honored by our Congress by kneeling for nine minutes or be given a funeral with thousands attending, world news coverage and have a gold casket. Their children will not be given free education.

God bless these men and their families. It’s a shame that only “Black Lives Matter.”

Charles Cockrill


Hurricane vs. virus

The COVID-19 pandemic is worse than a category 5 hurricane. Why?

Because with the hurricane you at least know it’s coming and you have good government leadership who do things to help you get ready — you know, like evacuation, shelters and so forth.

With the COVID-19 pandemic we have weak, stupid and lousy state and federal leadership and because of this thousands of people from South Texas will die by the end of this year. It appears that the corporations and the super wealthy who buy and control the politicians have a new slogan: it’s “Let them die early.”

Tomas Cantu


Women now being heard

COVID-19 has done wonders for the TV news shows! Almost all news channels have been covering this pandemic to some degree. Some have expressed their opinions as to what harm the bug is doing to the American public and some have just barely touched on the basics.

There is one thing I personally like, and it is the fact that a lot of women have gained seats at the table of power throughout America’s political system and corporate leadership.

I was not aware to the extent of this phenomenon until coverage of COVID-19 made the news We will likely, according to today’s polls, see a woman in the vice president’s office in 2021.

The governors in several states are women, the Senate has many women, the House has a lot of women, mayors of large and small cities are headed by women, in the corporate world, women are CEOs and in other positions of management.

This is all good because women far out number men in America.

Maybe women can relate to the average citizen’s needs better than men who have been in office for umpteen years.

What a difference a small bug has made in America! Women are being heard.

Bill Williams


Bad threat on schools

In August we might face a strike to every family if Donald Trump gets his wishes.

Trump has threatened to withhold federal funding if public and private schools don’t open their doors to start the school year. Funny thing is that this president keeps speaking apparently without knowing where school districts get their funding.

U.S. school districts get their funding through state and not federal funding.

This president keeps making statements like this and others in the past. One has to wonder how low his intellect really is.

Parents face a nightmare if the schools open before its safe to do so. As an example take a look at what’s happening in our great state of Texas, Florida, Georgia, Arizona and California. This state keeps seeing record numbers of positive COVID-19 cases every day.

Who can forget how Trump would brag that we should look at the red states that have opened and how their economies have bounced back. Now all the states that opened up too soon and too fast have started to scale back.

This is what is going to happen if our schools open and it’s not safe to do so. How many of our children have to come down positive, sick and die before people see the stupidity and arrogance of this effort.

I wonder how many Republicans Congress members are proud of what they have created. Mitt Romney is the lone Republican senator who remains a voice of sanity in the Republican Party and who has publicly come out against Trump.

Jesus Rodriguez


Seguin troops long forgotten

Texas history has long forgotten Capt. Juan Seguin’s Tejanos who fought for Texas independence from Mexico in five battles, including the battle of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto as cavalry and infantry, spies, scouts, escorts and guards.

Also long forgotten were their abilities as vaqueros (cowboys).

After the Battle of the Alamo, Texas Gen. Sam Houston started his retreat from Mexican Gen. Santa Anna in the Runaway Scrape but was worried about the Mexican cavalry attacking his army from the rear. Houston needed to pick the best Texas company of horsemen for this very important task to serve as his rear action guard. Texas captains like Jesse Billingsley, Moseley Baker and Henry Karnes were all good choices, but his best choice was Capt. Seguin’s Tejanos going up against the dreaded and feared Mexican cavalry.

The Mexican cavalrymen were the special forces of their time and always the point of attack in every open battle for the Mexican Army because they had to qualify for this special branch of service, demonstrating their excellent horsemanship abilities. Many of the Mexican cavalry men wore metal helmets and chest plates, and carried 7-8-foot lances with sharp metal tips. These Mexican cavalrymen looked, and fought, like medieval knights, even though they all carried side escopetas (muskets). According to Seguin’s memoirs, he was very honored to have his Tejanos chosen as the rear action guard for the retreating Texas army, and they were not going to let Gen. Houston down. Houston’s deepest fears came true at San Felipe, when advanced Mexican cavalry confronted Seguin’s Tejanos across the Brazos River. Gunshots were exchanged across the river, but a direct confrontation on horseback never occurred. However, Seguin’s Tejanos prevented the Mexican cavalry from crossing the river to attack Houston’s army from behind.

Texas history will never know who would have won the battle on horseback between Seguin’s Tejano vaqueros with their machetes and lassos against the professional Mexican cavalrymen with their swords and lances. This skirmish has long been forgotten, but it played a very important part in the Texas War for Independence.

There is not even a footnote on the pages of Texas history about the horsemanship abilities of these brave Tejanos, who were the first to fight for Texas, the first to die for Texas, and the first to be forgotten by Texas.

Viva Capt. Seguin y vivan los tejanos.

Jack Ayoub


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