LETTERS: On deaths of officers; Protect the food; Thoughts on Antifa; Group critiqued

On deaths of officers

This is in regard to the murders of two fine McAllen law enforcement officers, Officer Edelmiro Garza Jr. and Officer Ismael Chavez Jr. We had just gone through the 22nd anniversary of our 24-yearold son’s and Border Patrol Agent Susan Rodriguez’s murders that week!

Deja vu all over again!

Art Salinas

San Antonio

Protect the food

In the interest of protecting my family and the people of the Rio Grande Valley, I like many others have patronized fastfood chains as this offers us the opportunity to eat without having to mingle with other folks.

Here’s my beef: In the last several days I have encountered two different fast-food chains where some employees would wear their masks while they were in an area of the restaurant where the customers were. The second they walked into the kitchen area or the “order pick-up” area, they pulled their masks down.

This is where food is being prepared and handled. Hundreds of customers eat this food.

One bad apple here can do a lot of damage to a community.

And this is not a blanket accusation; I did say some.

Owners and managers, please cover this subject with your employees and let them know that it is a huge mistake to underestimate the intelligence of the buying public.

José C. Coronado


Thoughts on Antifa

Jesus Rodriguez and possibly others have written about Antifa. My understanding is that they claim to be antifascist; however, they are a loose group of individual anarchists who want to be rid of all government.

There is little formal organization, but groups of them have been around for nearly 100 years.

This information is readily available on the internet.

Some have been arrested, jailed and prosecuted. However, finding the exact groups and individuals funding them has been difficult and no legal proof has been determined. Most of these anarchists attach themselves to other groups to be able to create violent reactions in the name of other groups.

Currently, they have attached themselves to another group of radical organizations called Black Lives Matter; one of its organizers claims to be Marxist trained.

Antifa has no known identifiable leadership.

Most of the peaceful protestors support that a Black person’s life does matter, but are not members of the radical core of Black Lives Matter.

Many Antifa members are unemployed collegeeducated radicals who were radicalized by leftist, radical college professors.

They just want to end all government services and cause trouble. There are some members who have jobs; currently a couple of lawyers have been arrested for arson and assault on police officers.

By the way, the 75-year-old man pushed and knocked down by police has been arrested several times during protests. President Trump labeled him an “ANTIFA Provocateur.”

So no the group is not a phantom group made up by any current politician.

By the way, Black Lives Matter has its origins in the protests that followed the 2012 death of Trayvon Martin, unfortunately, the current core members are Marxists.

Auston B. Cron


Group critiqued

Black Lives Matter is a Marxist movement. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio helped paint “Black Lives Matter” on the street in front of Trump Towers.

Well, of course. This shouldn’t surprise anyone.

De Blasio supported the anti-American revolutionary Marxist Sandinista government in Nicaragua during the 1980s.

I believe Bill de Blasio is a Marxist. Nothing surprising here. Washington D.C. painted a street leading to our White House with the words “Black Lives Matter.”

Black Lives Matter has its roots in the death of Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murder in his death. It really began to take hold when Michael Brown was killed by police officer Darren Wilson in 2014 in Ferguson, Mo.

Officer Wilson wasn’t charged in Brown’s killing.

BLM says it was formed to fight police brutality of Black people. That isn’t true.

Hundreds of American corporations have given their financial support to BLM. NASCAR racecar driver Bubba Wallace has the logo “Black Lives Matter” on his race car.

Even an England soccer team has gotten into the act and placed the logo on the back of their uniforms.

Black Lives Matter is an admitted Marxist organization by the cofounder Patrisse Khan-Cullors. She says the movement is a Marxist one and that it practices a Marxist ideology.

Marxism opposes capitalism. It opposes Christianity. And it opposes the husband-wife family unit. They believe the state should be one’s god. And of course, they believe in spreading the wealth of those who have earned it.

Black Lives Matter does not exist to help Black people. The Black Lives Matter movement has nothing to do with helping Black people. It exists to create disharmony among the American people.

And it is succeeding. The American people are being conned again.

Darrell Williams Sr.


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