LETTERS: Public must help as well; Schools warned; School funding targets blasted; Tough times in our past; Trump ‘heroes’ not supported; Did Guillen’s life matter?

Public must help as well

The narrative on police brutality suggests different changes for police; but I haven’t seen or heard anything concerning the general public.

Parents and teachers should inform their children that if a policeman stops them for a violation or complaint, do the following: Be polite, drop any attitude, follow instructions, avoid any quick movements, and don’t resist. Repeat this often.

When the altercation gets physical and the adrenaline is increasing, bad outcomes will be the result.

If you feel your rights have been violated, file a grievance or get an attorney.

Without police we will experience lawlessness and chaos. Respect policemen and first responders and thank them for their service.

Eugene DeSutter


Schools warned

To school districts: You aren’t going to like what I have to say; schools are going to be a Petri dish for the novel corona virus, 2019, known as COVID-19.

Going back? Consider the following: You will have to sanitize restrooms every hour, you will have to sanitize hallways every hour, you will have to sanitize fomites between class periods (desks, books, keyboards).

Elementary schools need to go on shifts, and every other day, so classes can stay below 10 children. Masks must be worn, perhaps aprons, doffed or taken off at the end of each shift, closed inside out. Each child has to have their own.

Middle school and high school: Shifts, shorter classes, every other day. Set up Zoom in each class so others from home can log on for reteach time. Make sure there is a lab coat or apron for each, all are wearing masks, and hand sanitizer is available as well as soap in restrooms (there are a multitude of stories about no soap, but I digress).

Here’s the kicker: no sports, no choir, no band, no theater; there is no way to have students in such large numbers daily practicing without consequences.

Lunch? Breakfast? Really?

Where? Cafeterias are much too small.

Can the districts do all the above, and include Wi-Fi as well as laptops and books for all students? Then go ahead and open schools. But if they cannot, then do not open.

Martha Talamas


School funding targets blasted

If large sums of money were to be allocated by the U.S. government, to where do you think the money should be designated?

If your answer is public education, you are right. Yet, U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, appointed by President Trump, favors funneling coronavirus relief funds to private and religious schools.

DeVos has never worked in public education. Even though she has faced resistance from lawmakers, she is trying to divert funds from public education to private institutions.

The rich get richer and the middle class and the poor get poorer. Sad.

Pete Romero Jr.


Tough times in our past

Your July 1 paper showed riots of 1969. Back then the country was so divided; the president would not even run for reelection. People knew we got a draft card, but no application to vote. Cops were called pigs and Vietnam vets were spit on when they returned to the home they were defending.

Riots were everywhere, Watts was burned to the ground, Charles Manson and the Black Panthers were all the news.

America has had tough times.

The Civil War had to have been the worst. Rebels and Yankees hated each other they were all American.

Clint Williams


Trump ‘heroes’ not supported

Antonin Scalia was a longtenured justice on the Supreme Court and the country’s most prominent constitutionalist. But another quality also set him apart: Among the court’s members, he was the most frequent traveler to spots around the globe, on trips paid for by private sponsors.

Justice Scalia was staying, again for free, at a West Texas hunting lodge owned by a businessman whose company had recently had a matter before the Supreme Court.

Yes, it appears that Scalia was on the take. He had no problem accepting favors from companies having cases before him.

Scalia also was no friend of religious freedom. He saw Christianity as the only true religion. Scalia said, “We are to be fools for Christ’s sake.” But a fool for anything or anyone is still a fool.

Billy Graham is another person for Trump’s Garden of Heroes. Billy and Franklin Graham both had a habit of predicting the end of the world. Billy did it when Israel was declared a country in 1948. Both are false prophets. I know why Trump is sucking up to Franklin Graham. He and talk show host Eric Metaxas have claimed that there is a “demonic” origin to the opposition to President Trump.

Billy Graham was anti-Semitic and anti-African American. He supported segregation. In 1995, Southern Baptist officials formally renounced the church’s support of slavery and segregation. The Southern Baptist Convention and Billy Graham were wrong about black people. I am sure Trump disagrees with their decision.

These are two of the people Trump wants in his “Garden of Heroes.”

His heroes are much like him, easy to bribe and bigoted. These graven images should be at Mar-a-Lago and not on U.S. property.

Hank Shiver


Did Guillen’s life matter?

Did Houston native Pfc. Vanessa Guillen’s life matter?

No acknowledgement has come to light from the ACLU or anybody else, except her devastated family, of her disappearance from her Fort Hood military post and alleged brutal murder.

Has any Democrat or Republican government official bothered to extend this grieving family any comfort?

Are Black lives the only ones that matter? This wreaks of hypocrisy.

Every single life matters: black, white, brown, any color, any ethnicity. Every single human being is part of God’s creation.

Imelda Coronado


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