LETTERS: Remember those who built country; Bar owner applauded; Suicide by police; Don’t be a burden; ‘Black’ anthem plan condemned

Remember those who built country

The Fourth of July has become a time for fireworks, cookouts and road trips. The men and women who have made this possible are forgotten.

We can celebrate our freedom and independence because of their struggles and hardships. They sailed across the ocean, families with children, with little more than the clothes they were wearing, and landed in a country with no houses or grocery stores, driven by the burning desire to be free and independent, and began working on their dream that has made America what it is today, the greatest country in the world.

Struggling through harsh winters, they built homes and gardens. Some died during this time, but they carried on. They were mostly farmers, but all were dreamers.

Then came the ultimate threat to their dreams. A well trained, fully armed force of Redcoats landed to take over their lives and country. The dreamers were mostly farmers, not a well-trained army, and not very well armed. By sheer will of determination, they managed to defeat the Redcoats, many of them dying for their cause.

The remnants of this group managed to carry on and the land we now have, America, the home of the free and the land of the brave, was born.

These men and women are somehow forgotten in our celebrations with fireworks and cookouts. They have become forgotten heroes. Their struggles and success are what we should celebrate by including them in our celebrations.

May Old Glory wave forever! God bless America!

We should take a moment to remember these forgotten heroes who made it all possible.

John Launer


Bar owner applauded

After listening to a bar owner on the morning news June 30, I applaud this business man’s patriotism and common sense.

He required his employees and himself to wear masks at his bar. He also required all customers to wear masks to enter his business. There were a few who had vehement reactions to his protocols and were refused entry. Good for him.

If all bar owners had followed suit and followed the recommendations from the health industry, we would not be in such a mess.

It is my opinion that no loans or grants should be given to any of these businesses that violated the protocols set by our health professionals. They put the general public at a tremendous health risk by their actions and should not be rewarded. More people will die and lose their jobs due to the greed of the businesses that opened up with no holds barred!

America needs patriots now more than ever to overcome this pandemic. There is another flu bug in China coming from the swine flu, and if it gets out of China, we could have another pandemic on our hands. God forbid.

Bill Williams


Suicide by police

Suicide by police isn’t talked about much, but it occurs. There are troubled individuals who confront the police, intending

to end their own lives and take the lives of others, especially cops.

Sometimes the officers have no choice but to kill in their own defense, and that is a very stressful part of their jobs. They need and deserve our support.

What cannot continue is for the good guys to stand by and defend the thugs and bullies who abuse the power given to them as police officers. That has to stop. Just say no!

Sydney Roby


Don’t be a burden

My parents taught me that there’s great honor and freedom in self reliance. Three and four generations since, our family still lives by this philosophy of “let’s roll up our sleeves, work hard, save and live within our means.”

When it comes to my “investigative techniques about misappropriation of government funds or my sour grapes,” I possess none, just common sense to do everything possible to not be a burden to anybody.

Imelda Coronado


‘Black’ anthem plan condemned

Last time I checked we are still the “United States of America.” So now a “Black” anthem is to be played before the American national anthem at NFL and perhaps other professional sporting events.

The radical movements in America are unraveling the fabric that holds this country together, there is only one anthem that I will stand for and there is absolutely no room for any other anthem or song to be played; it dishonors and further divides our country by having anything played or sung other than our American national anthem.

Now I speak for myself, but I will not attend any professional sporting event or purchase team merchandising in protest of this. I saved thousands these past years not attending Spurs games due to Coach Gregg Popovich spewing his political views at every news conference. While he does have the right to exercise his freedom of speech, it won’t be on my dime. Athletes and coaches and team owners should worry about game attendance and all things pertinent to their respective sports, and leave politics to the pundits. The COVID-19 pandemic coupled with forced political correctness may very well prove costly to professional sports.

Jake Longoria


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