EDITORIAL: Many good outcomes; Snake oil concerns; Nickname: No problem

Many good outcomes

Lana Hortencia has a paintbrush that covered all the bases with one broad stroke as she states, “I understand that it’s not all law enforcement but a few very rotten apples, but their lack of involvement to finding a solution to end this brutality by their brothers in blue makes them all criminals” (Letters, June 22). So in her world all police are responsible for monitoring the actions of a few? Really?

Ms. Hortencia, daily, police around the country make contact thousands of times with citizens and you cherry-pick fewer than 1% of encounters to paint all police as criminals.

Sadly, your argument ignores the thousands of monthly police encounters around the country that are conducted in a professional manner.

The fact is that a very small percent of police activity ends in a bad outcome such as the Floyd incident. Positive encounters exist and people should not only focus on the bad.

No, Ms. Hortencia, you jumped on the anti police bandwagon and that is fine. It is your prerogative, and your opinion, but just remember the words of Sgt. Joe Friday: “Just the facts Ma’am.” That’s what really matters.

Jake Longoria


Snake oil concerns

Is it my imagination, or have the snake oil companies and salespeople come out of their hiding to go public? There are so many new cures, beauty treatments and just weird things on the TV markets today since the COVID-19 bug has glued us to the boob tube as a captive audience.

The FDA leaders have caught the fever as well. On the panel with the senators questioning them, the FDA secretary seemed to think a 50% success rate was good enough for a vaccine against COVID-19! Have America’s standards sunken to such lows that we would endanger one half of 350 million people just to say we have a vaccine?

I cease to wonder at the expertise and competency of the people holding these very important jobs in government.

What a shame our America has fallen into the same traps that a lot of Third World countries have fallen into!

Bill Williams


Nickname: No problem

It’s OK to call state Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. “sucio Lucio,” and we should be calling him that more often. I am a bisexual Latino and a constituent of Lucio, and have been my entire life.

What am I supposed to call one of my own who not only votes against my interests, but crusades against them? What am I supposed to call someone who votes against workers’ rights, against the environment, against the constitutional right to abortion, against people like me and my friends?

“Sucio Lucio” is not a term invented by Planned Parenthood Texas; it has been used by people in the Valley for years because of his dirty politics.

We in the Valley hate our politicians; it’s why our voter rate is so abysmal. If we can’t even keep our own in check, how are we supposed to make the Valley a better place?

Seeing this forced outrage from every elected official in the Valley puts a sour taste in my mouth.

Why would someone be more upset at the use of rhetoric than at the people who needlessly suffer because politicians like Eddie Lucio Jr. shove our interests under the bus?

This is not just about my identity as a queer Latino, it is about every politician who ignores material conditions of poor and working-class people in favor of attacking only the most shallow aspects of racism, not their root causes or effects.

Jordan Navarro

Santa Rosa

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