EDITORIAL: Trump defended; Bill would cut oil royalties

Trump defended

Apparently, Mr. Jesus Rodriguez of Elsa does not realize the Founding Fathers’ reasoning for the Electoral College.

The Founding Fathers set up the Electoral College to prevent a small percentage of the states from controlling the entire nation’s political desires. The Electoral College is working exactly as they desired it to work.

The United States of America is a limited republic. The limit on the republic is that the college elects the president and the vice president; the individual states select the members of the House and Senate. It was purposefully set up to refute a small minority of states from controlling the executive and legislative branches.

Mrs. Clinton did receive a majority of the popular vote due the large populations of about a third of less than a fourth of the states where she won, or about five of the 16 states that voted for Mrs. Clinton. More than three-fourths of the states voted for Mr. Trump.

However, the unconscionable murder of George Floyd and the riots and looting have nothing to do with the above argument. In the individual states Mr. Trump has asked the governors to call in the National Guard; he cannot and has not done that in any state. He can in Washington, DC.

Much of the negative commentary from former military officers against Mr. Trump are never-Trumpers who desire the implementation of the New World Order, which wants there to be a one-world government that will be very socialistic or communistic in its makeup. Under the NWO, you will no longer have the Bill of Rights to protect your speech. They may even implement Shariah style laws and regulations to appease one group with a violent history. There is some evidence on the Internet that the riots and looting are a result of years of planning by radical liberal groups just waiting for any excuse.

George Floyd and COVID-19 were the catalyst for this chaos.

Mr. Trump has done more for the poor of the nation than Johnson’s War on Poverty and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which was opposed by the Democratic Party. He has implemented many of MLK’s ideals against racism, including moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. He has refrained for escalating a war with Iran, has obtained more responsible trade agreements and ended many government regulations that hindered small business people starting their own businesses.

While I agree his rhetoric to be abominable at times, his actions do not match his rhetoric and have done more to assist those at the lowest income levels than any president has been able to do in the 244 years of the USA.

Mr. Trump deserves a second term.

Auston B. Cron


Bill would cut oil royalties

A new proposal by Senator U.S. Sen. John Cornyn seeks to reduce oil companies’ federal royalty payments during the coronavirus pandemic.

If approved, this bill could reduce funding for national treasures such as Big Bend, Guadalupe Mountains and other local, state and national parks.

Royalties help compensate for the damage that drilling causes by funding conservation projects in these areas, helping to preserve treasured landscapes and recreation areas across Texas. Oil companies should at least pay for the damage they cause to these unique and delicate ecosystems; after all, even my younger cousin knows to clean up their mess.

Kate Moffatt


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