LETTERS: Seen as radicals; Stubborn ideology; Wealthy should provide masks; Don’t just stand around; Racist media

Seen as radicals

I have never been a radical in any way, shape or form. During the past presidential election, Republicans were called ignorant, deplorable, Biblethumping, gun-toting racist white supremacists. Sadly, these phrases and worse are still being used today.

Apparently we are to sit down, shut up and let the Democrats take over, even though they basically thrive only on criticizing the president, having countless investigations and accomplishing nothing of substance. There is absolutely no allowance for freedom of speech from these Democrats. This is true whether they are Democrats in Congress, in state and local governments, or in various groups running roughshod through cities across the U.S. with no condemnation or criticism from Democratic leaders (silence gives consent?). They’re right, we’re wrong, period!

Most violent protests and riots are occurring in cities under Democratic control for decades. I hope the silent majority will come to life in upcoming elections and give the power back to the people across the U.S. Maybe the legendary lemmings shouldn’t always blindly follow.

Melvin L. Thompson


Stubborn ideology

The COVID-19 and climate crises demonstrate that scientific literacy is critical to our nation’s well-being. According to Arizona State University science professor Thomas Martin: “In the present cultural climate, altering one’s beliefs in response to anything (facts included) is considered a sign of weakness.

Students must be convinced that changing one’s mind in light of the evidence is not weakness: Changing one’s mind is the essence of intellectual growth.

… The responsibility for fostering scientific literacy of this sort — that is, literacy construed as an ongoing commitment to evidence over preconception — falls upon all of us in our discussions both formal and informal, both public and private.”

Observing the bias and animosity common in political debate, the Irish philosopher John O’Donohue stated that we need more legislators, media, etc., who are not already loyal to one side or the other. It has been said that to practice philosophy, and also science, is to follow the question wherever it leads. This was the important loyalty for O’Donohue, which he called “loyalty to the voyage of the question.”

Although agencies like the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have made mistakes, the value of science is that it works, over time, to self-correct.

But ideology functions only to defend its group.

Let’s hold ourselves and others to higher standards of truthseeking.

Terry Hansen

Hales Corners, Wis.

Wealthy should provide masks

The consumers in America and around the world are getting ripped off by unscrupulous middlemen selling face masks at outrages prices.

There is a company in North Texas that has the capabilities to manufacture untold millions of masks for American consumption.

Why don’t some of the billionaires in this country pool money together and support this manufacturer with enough backing to get this operation running at full speed? We need affordable masks to use daily while out and about our communities. We can only wash our masks so many times before they become degraded beyond safe usage.

Now almost all masks being used by the general public are coming out of China and this is embarrassingly dangerous! Why is this happening in America? I purchased 50 surgical face masks two years ago and paid $10.99 plus tax. That same purchase today if you’re lucky will cost $39.99 to $59.99. There have been news reports of our local, state and federal governments paying more than $5 per mask! This is nuts.

I remember when Ted Turner gave away with no strings attached $1 billion for the better of humanity.

Bill Gates is doing his part in giving, but a lot of very wealthy people are only giving to the politicians because they think they will be rewarded with more wealth! Where is your patriotism?

Bill Williams


Don’t just stand around

Editor: It is absolutely unbelievable, sickening and heartbreaking to see what is happening to our country. As if having to deal with the COVID-19 was not enough, we also have to contend with hoodlums and terrorists looting, destroying businesses and setting our country on fire.

Shame on you Democrats in government, shame on you Republicans in government. God forbid that a mosquito bite the cheek of an ally somewhere on the other side of the planet; we will send 10,000 troops fully equipped with mosquito spray and eradicate every last mosquito in that country.

Yet, we see hoodlums and terrorists looting, burning and outright trying to overthrow our democracy and the Congress members just watch with their hands in their pockets (I can think of other things to say but I’d better not). I guess they are trying to be politically correct.

We did not elect you to stand around with your hands in your pockets in times of crisis, people.

You swore to support and defend the Constitution (that means our country) against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I think I speak for a large block of law-abiding citizens when I say “ get off your duffs and show us that your country is more important than your wallets.”

José C Coronado


Racist media

The media mob, false “progressive” socialists, domestic terrorists, looters, rioters and media propagandists use the daily “racism” tool to control and indoctrinate “we the people” into guilting America with this false tool.

Discrimination does exist, it is called life. Every human being at one time or another experiences it. It’s not isolated to one group or faction. As Americans we just keep a stiff upper lip and keep powering on. Discrimination exists in sexism, ageism, the disabled, the poor, the rich, the frail, the religious, the non-religious and many other forms besides race and color, but mostly we all choose to work it out individually and move on. This is a premise of self-reliance, not mind control. It is what made this country great and strong.

America is clearly not as racist as the media mob daily reports every day.

If America were that racist, why do we have millions of differentculture citizens receiving great safety nets, as so do many illegally in this country, while many other citizens don’t? It’s not “racism” when others don’t get their benefits.

Lastly, why are many more millions waiting in line to come into this country if we were so “racist”?

Media propagandists are more racist than the ones they accuse of it, because they’re the ones fanning division every minute of their hate-filled reporting day as a means to gain government control treacherously, although they haven’t been elected to do so. They just appoint themselves haters and dividers of our country and there’s an imperative need to see and act against this real and traitorous threat.

Remember that socialists and communists always accuse people of what they themselves perpetrate. Those are the age-old tenets of the Marxist, fascist and anarchist ideologies that keep fooling innocent people. When they deflect, tell them to own up to their falsehoods.

Let this be a strong awakening against evil forces using deception to destroy America’s freedom.

Imelda Coronado


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