LETTERS: Change name of Lee school; School name must change; Freedoms in danger; Appreciated Vela article

Change name of Lee school

The Edinburg CISD must immediately change the name of Robert E. Lee Elementary. Robert E. Lee was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans in defense of the South’s authority to possess millions of human beings as property because they were black.

It is unacceptable that ECISD continues to honor a man who called the horrors of slavery “painful discipline” of Africans that was “necessary for its instruction as a race.” The enslaved people he owned called him “the worst man I have ever seen.”

As the nation reckons with our legacy of white supremacy and systemic racial injustice, now is the time to topple symbols of racial oppression. Institutions of the Rio Grande Valley must stop venerating racist idols. Brownsville has done the right thing by bringing down the Jefferson Davis monument. Edinburg CISD must act swiftly to change the name of Robert E. Lee Elementary.

John-Michael Torres


School name must change

I write this letter with much pain and shame as someone who has lived all her life in this great community. Accepting the name Robert E. Lee to represent one’s school is unfortunate, and more.

To honor a man who participated in slavery is unacceptable and does not represent the vision of the future that we are creating.

Change the name immediately, in the name of justice and equality. ECISD has the responsibility to educate its students in ways that extend beyond the classroom.

The time to create a new reality is now. This movement could not be possible without the cooperation of the entire community. Let us begin now.

Yasmine Gonzalez Cardoza


Freedoms in danger

Are we Americans on the verge of losing our freedoms as we know them today?

Our courts and justice system more and more are seemly turning to a doctrine of appeasement toward the presidency! By this I am referring to guidance and decisions that when applied to people close to the president are out of the norm; if out in the general population, they would have ended up with long prison terms. The people close to the president are having their charges dismissed or reduced to sentences that are meaningless or nothing at all!

Since the Republicans voted to clear the president, he has gone after all in government either have badmouthed him or been associated with investigations of him or his buddies. He has crossed the line flaunting laws or accepted rules of governance; by his actions he has declared himself king or emperor. His hairstyle seems to say emperor.

All previous presidents, when a national emergency comes along affecting the citizens of America, have put all citizens’ welfare above their own interests, but not this president. Citizens of America are dying by the thousands and his attitude seems to be, so what?

When will the Congress wake up and put a stop to this? They are the only ones between us and the courts and the president. What are they afraid of?

Bill Williams


Appreciated Vela article

I was reading an article that Filemon Vela wrote, “A Tribute to a Valley Soldier, Ramon Sepulveda.” Ramon is my great uncle; he was my grandma’s brother.

I was very honored by that article and I have a picture of him in my album that my grandmother gave me. Please let Mr. Filemon Vela know that my family says thank-you for not forgetting the sacrifice he made for his country. For our family he will always be our hero.

Leticia Barron


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