LETTERS: School name change sought; Precautions at polling site; Show effects of infection; Let’s discuss responsibility; Don’t vote progressive; Police need immunity

School name change sought

Recently the Edinburg CISD school board stated in an interview that they would only consider renaming Robert E. Lee elementary if there was interest in the community. On June 23 during a school board meeting a group of activists came together to deliver the message to ECISD that there is an interest within the community and that they demand the immediate renaming of Robert E. Lee.

The activists’ message during public testimony was ignored, though, as the board neither acknowledged their grievance nor motioned to add renaming Robert E. Lee to the next meeting agenda, as we had called for.

They are suppressing the legitimate desire from the community to see the end of that racist commemoration. The conversation within the public is still moving, however, and there is now a petition circulating that I helped create calling to rename Robert E. Lee.

Guadalupe Pardo


Precautions at polling site

Regarding the June 30 article, “Voters appear hesitant to head to the polls,” I would like to offer my observations during our voting experience at Lark Community Center.

My husband and I are on the front lines of healthcare provision during the current pandemic, and we both were highly impressed at the set-up and safety measures throughout the voting process. Barriers are in place at the entrance, electoral officials are wearing required personal protection gear properly, and 6-feet space markers are in place, inside and all the way out to the sidewalk in the parking lot. There is no personal contact; you place your ID and registration card in a plastic tray, it is returned to you in that manner, and you are given a cotton-tipped swab to make your selections on the voting screens. Face coverings are required, but I did not see any available for voters, so like myself and my husband, I suggest you bring your own mask and gloves.

Impressive, well-done, and as safe as it could be in these frightening times.

Brenda R. Garcia MSN, BSN, RN


Show effects of infection

COVID-19 is potentially life threatening to every living soul on planet earth! The Monitor’s June 23 edition is full of really scary news stories.

I remember when I went into the Navy and I was sent to Bainbridge, Maryland, for boot camp. We were indoctrinated in various ways. One of these pertained to avoiding venereal disease. In the movie clips we were shown the male private parts, which were in various stages of syphilis and its effect on the body. These pictures really made an impression on this young country boy!

The reason I chose the Navy was the saying that a sailor had a girl in every post. These depictions were so graphic and sickening that I was almost convinced to be celibate for the rest of my life!

The American people need a dose of pictures pertaining to what effect this COVID-19 does to the lungs during infection. Reports from the medical profession on this effect are very alarming and will require trillions of dollars of medical care in the future if we don’t get this bug under control.

There is no stopping this bug if the people of America don’t realize the damage this thing is doing to us.

Please make this a priority in the paper, TV and social media. Put the pictorial evidence out there so that people can see the damage this is causing. Make it so graphic that no one can ignore the fact of what is happening to us, young and old.

Bill Williams


Let’s discuss responsibility

Yes Louise Butler, I agree the new term “white privilege” does not belong in the discussion of racism (commentary, June 19). However “responsibility” does.

Ned Sheats


Don’t vote progressive

Don’t be fooled! “Progressives” are anti-Americans trying to socialize our great nation and attempting to topple our Democratic representative republic.

All Americans should want to die fighting for what we have. It’s amazing that people would vote for these ultra-progressives after what has been happening around the nation in Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis and elsewhere.

This is a two-by-four that should have hit voters over the head to get their attention. The progressive disease is an invasion that wants to destroy everything American in its path, as though everything American is bad or evil. In reality, it’s progressives who are evil, like another ISIS destroying everything good throughout our nation.

Get smart! Don’t vote progressive. You won’t have a life to live freely. You and your family will be owned by socialist agendas.

I am a disabled veteran and I would die for my country and family.

Peter Stern

Driftwood, Texas

Police need immunity

The definition of qualified is “not complete or absolute; limited.” I have seen several letters recently calling for an end to “qualified immunity” for the police.

I think that as a society we need to grant some “immunity” to police officers in the conduct of their duty. In our litigious society, absent some limited “qualified” immunity, I think we would run the risk of a continuous stream of lawsuits questioning far too many encounters between police and the community.

We need to shield our already mentally stressed men and women behind the “shield.” I believe the current concept of “qualified immunity” needs to be better defined, as Supreme Court rulings on the concept seem to have established too broad an interpretation of the circumstances in which such “immunity” applies.

If only our politicians could work out a reasonable compromise.

James McNamara


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